What to put on a resume – Increase chances get hired


Writing a CV is not an easy thing that it seems to be. We can write anything thing in our CV but writing anything in the CV works or not is the main question that needs to be asked. We cannot simply write anything in our biodata since it has our dream job at stake. Therefore, Resume must be to the point and it must include everything about you. In this blog, we will know the details about what to put on a resume. In order to make the resume more interesting and worthy. Furthermore, The pillar of a good CV is a good cover letter. Here is how you can write a cover letter for job application.

Resume writing is very important in all the aspects to determine the type of person you are. The skills that you inherit. the qualification you own and the job experiences that you have got in the past workings. If I have to say writing a resume is an art in all the aspects. People can write anything in a CV but writing it to the point and in the correct manner is what you need. The resume must be backed by a good cover letter as well. Likewise, I have already written about how to write a cover letter for job application. In this blog, we will know some amazing things about what to put on a resume.

Also, the skills are shown in detail in the pie chart for further clearance.

what to put on a resume
Skills required in a resume

What to put on a resume for skills

SkillsRequired in(%)
Hardware and Excel Skills5%
Communication skills10%
Skills to take decision and solve problems10%
Management skills25%
Team Player25%
Willingness to learn5%
Description chart
  1. Hardware and excel skills: The skills of computer and Microsoft package skills play a great role in enhancing your chances of getting a great job in the big corporate houses and great company that you have always dreamt of. Since today’s world is fully based on computers and IT. It is best for you to polish your skills to stand straught with this competitive world. Microsoft packages such as word, excel, PowerPoint can help you a lot with such things and make you grow in all the sides of your career.
  2. Communication skills: You should learn how to communicate and talk to people in the right way. Moreover, If you have great potential in talking and listening it will enhance your personality in front of the world and make you look more strong and intelligent. Therefore, You must learn the skills on how to be polite and down to earth and speak with more politeness.
  3. Skills to take a decision and solve problems: There comes the situation when you have to choose between the many options either right or wrong. You will have to analyze the situation correctly and do the thing right in all the aspects. One wrong decision can turn all the things in an absolutely wrong direction. So, you should practice some of the methods by keeping yourself in such situations and then try how will you react to such situations. You should develop a habit of solving those problems that arise in the day to day working conditions.
  4. Management skills: You should work in a proper way to manage everything in the corporate sector. As per the reports found in one of the research made by our group of the team it is found that ninety percent of the employer wants that employee who has great managerial and management skills and can lead the team in a more proper way. In conclusion, If you have the skills in the management the chaosness in the company decreased by eighty percent.
  5. Team player: A team player is always the star of the game. The person who works for the team always gets more success than those who walk alone. If a person is alone then he will certainly have very little productivity than the person who walks in a team. The growth of the team shoots up very fast than a sole player. There must always be thinking to grow the team. Then in such a case if the team grows then you will certainly grow with them. If you are along then there are very fewer chances of you that you will grow.
  6. Adaptation: The person must have the capacity to adapt to any type of situation. If the person cannot adapt in the situation then it is certain that his/her growth will come to a pause. As there will not be one type of working condition in all your lifetime. Therefore, Adaptability according to the environment is a must in any type of situation. It is rightly said that water changes its shape and size according to the vessel it is poured into. Hence, if we learn the sense and the theory of adaptability then there is nothing that can stop you.
  7. Willingness to learn: Adaptability goes in hand with the willingness to learn. If you are interested in learning new things that this will certainly help you to grow in the corporate sector. In my view, your growth depends on what new things you learn every day. As your learning stops, your chances of winning stops. Therefore, if you want to win all the races in life start learning new things.

Here are the best tips on what to put on a resume

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The skills that you have are very important to include in a resume. Subsequently, the Employer seeks soft skills that you have to make the operation of the company smooth. Therefore, It can add value to the company. So, If you have good skills then there are more chances that you can get a job. As a result, The thing that you should put in a resume are;

  1. Name, Address, Date of birth, Contact number, and location
  2. Education Qualification.
  3. Previous Jobs experience and internships.
  4. Skills.
  5. The language you know along with its speaking and writing skills.
  6. Awards and achievements.
  7. References.
what to put on a resume
Chart to show soft skills in a resume

Opening statement for a CV

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The opening statement means the points that are included in the starting of while writing the resume. The things that an opening statement of a resume contains the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Name ( Full Name)
  3. Address (the location where you stay)
  4. Contact number ( So that the employer can contact you)
  5. Email address ( To access you)

The opening statement of a resume must include your details that can be statting by your cover letter, name, address, contact number, email address, and location which is certainly backed up by your skills, experiences, and other references in this regard.

Also, the skills set are further compared in the line chart.

What to put on a resume

Soft skills for resume

  • Computer and Microsoft package skills; If you have are skilled in operating the computer then it is of the great fact that it will certainly add value and give you the plus point to increase the chances that you can get hired by the company. So, The talent such as the extraordinary presentation skills in PowerPoint, good with numbers, and use of excel can do the thing.

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  • Great communication and listening skills; If you have the talent that you can talk to the person or clients in a good manner. So, that you can crack any important deals for the company then this will certainly help you. Above all, Some people have the habit that they do not listen to what the people or the senior staff are telling. In such conditions, if they do not listen they cannot solve the issue or do the task properly. Furthermore, Bad listening skills distort the active participation and worthiness of the company. Therefore, It is important that one should and must work in their listening skills and increase communication skills as well.
  • Decision making and problem-solving skills: This skill is very important in any company or organization no matter if it is big or small. Since the company will have many options while doing work of expressing something. Also, it is important on how to choose the best options among the variety of options available. So, If anybody can make instant decisions that are important for the company. Above all, After analyzing its pros and cons then it will be beneficial that you will certainly get hired but the company. On the other hand, decision-making skills should go hand in hand with problem-solving skills too. Therefore, You should develop these skills inside you by time.
  • Proper managerial skills; Management in a company is very important to take the company far and grow the company by times. If you are good at management that the company will definitely grow. There is a great saying that “Good managerial skills, Make great companies”. So, you must show the path to your lower-level staff and make strong management to grow the company by three folds.
  • Teamwork; A good employee of a company should work in a team. He must work for a team rather than working alone. There is a slogan that “If it takes 1 month working alone, it will take only 10 days working together”. Most importantly, It is simple that if you can do a thing alone you will surely take it on the top working together. Therefore, you should and must develop the habit of working together in a team.

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  • Adaptability and willingness to learn; The soft skills are very important in the working nature of the organization. You should have the capability to adapt to any sort of environment in a corporate job. It will take some time to adjust to a new place, environment, working conditions, and meet new people. But by the time everything will fall into place. Everything will be sorted by time. So, there must be a willingness to adjust and adapt to the environment. You should have the willingness to learn new things so that you can grow your self in the corporate sector professionally.

Also, The skills required can be shown and compared on the percentage basis in the chart below. The value of total skills is 100%.

What to put on a resume - Increase chances get hired

What to put on a resume for the first job

You just graduated from your college and looking for a corporate full-time job to grow your career both personally and professionally. Being a fresher or if you are looking for the first job the things like what to keep in a resume might bother you a lot. Don’t worry include the following things:

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  1. Basic information is a must( Name, Address, Email, Location, and contact number).
  2. If you have done an internship write the details about the internship projects. So, It must include the name of the company, works done or learned, and the time of the internship.
  3. Disclose the name of the institution from where you got your degree along with your academic scores.
  4. Lastly, strong references can do the thing for you to write the details of the references. Trust me being a fresher a string reference can help you find the best job for you.

Are you a fresher or qualified with an undergraduate degree recently. You have no experience and confused about what to include in your resume. Then don’t worry you have to put the following in a resume for the first job. You can keep your basic details such a name, address, contact number, email address. In the same vein, there must be a good reference that can refer you for the job. Moreover, It would add a plus point if you have done an internship in a very reputed corporate house. Add your qualifications and your academic scores. For a fresher, your good academic scores will help you a lot. Furthermore, You should include the skills that you have. Your skills will help you to get a job very easily in case you are a fresher.

What does a resume look like for the first job

Name: John
Address: USA                                                                                                              Contact number: 46566565656565
E-mail ID: [email protected]

To establish a career in a stable company that offers the challenging opportunity for further development of my skills, where my educational qualification, skills, talent, and experiences can be utilized, provides excellent opportunities for advancement and satisfaction. However, the desire to work with an organization where I can always learn new things and also add value to the organization in terms of profit. 

Believe to possess the capacity of accomplishing any assignment with a minimum of instructions. To clarify, I can maintain a good rapport with people at all levels and posse a strong team spirit. Also, my career objective is to grow up in the ladder with prestige, pride, and honesty, delivering the best of my capabilities for the organization’s growth in terms of good fame.

An ambitious, highly motivated, and energetic management specialist with excellent monitoring and implementing development skills. That is to say, A result orientated individual with a proven ability to get results, generate revenue, improve service as well as reduce costs.

Particulars Institute / Board Year
Bachelor Degree BBA 2018

April 2018 – PY Internship

Average Knowledge in Photoshop.
Competent in Microsoft Office.
Good Knowledge of Microsoft Packages
Very good in Internet Surfing.
Microsoft  word
Ms. PowerPoint
Internet and windows  outlook 

Personality Development Seminars
Motivational Programs
Social Work Programs
Eat food for a cause
Clothes Distribution to the needy people

Mr. john – Finance Analyst – PWC

In conclusion, I would like to say that these steps will certainly help you in making a complete CV. Until then read our next blogs.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

Until next blog Ta Da!

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