Teacher Interview Questions and Answers


Teaching is the most respected and recognized profession in the entire world. A teacher is the one who makes a student independent and moves them to light from the darkness. Further, no one will excel in their life without the proper guidance of a teacher. Furthermore, In order to get through the interview here are the most asked teacher interview questions and answers.

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Common Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Answer: Among the different questions asked in the teacher interview. I have mentioned the technical question in the latter part of the blog Below. For now, read the most common teacher interview questions and answers.

  1. How can you or how will you evaluate the student’s performance?
  2. During the parent’s teacher meeting how will you coordinate with the parents?
  3. How will you handle it when the students bully?
  4. What steps will you take to handle the ragging in the colleges and the institutions?
  5. Why should we hire you as a teacher in our institution?
  6. What modern teaching skills will you adopt while teaching?
  7. What do you think, how theory knowledge and practical knowledge both help in student’s development?
  8. Do you think modern technology helps in modern study techniques?
  9. What will you do if students make you angry?
  10. After you get selected here are the ways on How to negotiate salary?

Why did you choose teaching as a profession?

Answer: Teaching is a very reputed student and profession in the entire world. Being a teacher satisfies the person. Furthermore, Teaching will help the students or an individual grow personally both physically and mentally. Similarly, I want to help all the individuals under so that they can be independent and create an environment for their own. This is the most common and important teacher interview questions and answers.

teacher interview questions and answers

Moreover, a Teacher as a profession allows me to give good teaching to the people out there. I want my student to grow in their life so that it will help in their life. Furthermore, this profession provides me the background to give a proper understanding of an individual as well.


This is one of the most common questions. By this question, the interviewer wants to know if teaching is your passion or your motive is anything else.

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How will you handle the students? Can you handle them in the right way?

Answer: Being a teacher it is important to handle the students properly. If you cannot handle the students properly then it will create a problem with the students. Above all, Students can be some time naughty due to which the other students in the class also cannot pay attention to the lectures and the chapters that you teach.

teacher interview questions and answers

Therefore, You must create the environment so that students listen to what you say. Moreover, they create a highly disciplined environment inside the classroom. Furthermore, It is important to handle the students in the right way without harassing them or giving any physical punishment. Since being physical or punishing the students physically is not acceptable in any condition or circumstance.


Being a teacher you must have the capabilities to handle the students in the right way. Show them the right path. So, that they can be independent in the future.

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Do you have any previous teaching experiences?

Answer: This is a very important question when it comes to the interview for the post of a teacher. Since if you are experienced in the teaching field then it will help you to get along with the students. Similarly, You will have an idea about the mentality of the student. In which way they think and how you can teach them. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to even teach them by creating a friendly and disciplined environment.

teacher interview questions and answers

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Similarly, If you have experience in this field then you should answer this question in detail about which schools and colleges you have experience in. Above all, Along with the name of the institution, you must also tell the number of years of experiences that you have in the institution that you teach in. This will help you to gain the trust of the interviewer and ultimately help you to get the job very easily.


Being a teacher, you should have some of the experiences so that you can guide the students properly. Such that you can solve their questions and queries.

What are the problems that you might face in the teaching profession?

Answer: The teachers can face a lot of problems while teaching students. It can even create a problematic situation for both the students and the teachers. Furthermore, the problems stand in all the profession but it is the way how can you handle it. Here are some of the problem that teacher might face;

teacher interview questions and answers

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  • It can be a stressful student sometimes:

Since teaching the students who are less in age don’t have their own thinking capabilities and can differentiate between the wrong and the right. Their fore they can sometimes prove to be the big headaches.

Similarly, If you cannot manage them it would point the finger on you for your management skills. Therefore, it could create the chaosness and ultimately the stress in your life as well.

  • Problems in standing on the administration expectation:

Administration of any institution whether it is the educational institutions, financial institutions, or any corporate sectors. The administration always expects more and more for you. Similarly, sometimes these high expectations can lead to failures as well. Therefore, if you cannot stand on the management expectation then you can be in stressful situations.

Further, it would end harming your reputation as well. The administration expectation in the school or colleges is that their students score good marks in the subjects. Further, maintain the proper disciplined environment in the classroom and not to against any unacceptable things.


The teaching profession might lead to some of the problems to a teacher such as stress and not meeting eyeline with the admin departments.

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“Discipline is a procedure that corrects or punishes a subordinate because a rule or procedure has been violated.” With this statement in mind describe the types of discipline problems

Maintaining discipline is very important if you are a teacher. Therefore it is certain that you will get this question as your teacher interview questions and answers.

Types of discipline problems

Yes, discipline is a procedure that corrects or punishes subordinates when they violate the rule or procedure in the economy. Therefore, These disciplinary problems can be classified as follows:

Attendance related problems:

Absenteeism, arriving late for work, misuse of leave, leaving work without permission or prior notice and other aspects of attendance are the main problems in the institution. Furthermore, most of the managers are facing attendance-related problems of discipline from their employees.

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On-the-teaching related problems:

This disciplinary problem covers the student’s behavior. Moreover, It may be not obeying seniors, carelessness, sleeping in the classroom, playing cards, smoking, failures to use safety measures, use of alcohol, etc. Above all, These are the main undesirable behaviors on the student. Moreover, Such behavior of one student affects the performance of other students and creates problems at the schools and the colleges.

Dishonesty related problems:

These disciplinary problems result mainly from lying and stealing things in the institution. Moreover, The false statement of student records, concealing defective works, destruction of the institute’s property, etc. are the problems related to dishonesty. Therefore, Any students who lie or steals once cannot be trusted and must be fired.

Outside activities related problems:

These activities are performed outside of their institution, schools and colleges. Above all, Outside activities either adversely affect their performance or reflect negatively on the image of the institution. Moreover, These problems arise due to outside criminal activities, speeches that negatively affect to institutes’ image.

What are the ways to administer the discipline.

General guidelines in administering discipline

General guidelines should be effectively administered in the institutions for initiating disciplinary action against students in the institution. The following general guidelines should be followed for administering the discipline in the institution.

Discipline should be corrective:

Discipline action should be taken to undisciplined students. However, the objectives of disciplinary action should be to correct the undesirable behavior of students rather than punishment. Man reforms if given a chance. Punishment is a negative action. Moreover, Punishment is a negative action. Similarly, Punishment should be a means to obey rules and acceptable standards of behavior.

Discipline should be progressive:

The disciplinary action depends on the serious and frequency of disciplinary problems. Above all, Progressive discipline means oral warning without taking any serious action at the beginning step. Moreover, The students may be dismissed only when serious offensive has occurred. A sequence of progressive disciplinary action begins with an oral warning, written warning, suspension, and finally dismissed or resignation.

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Discipline should follow the hot-stove rule:

Disciplinary action against the indiscipline students creates anger and unhappy on the part of the student violets the rules in painful and generate unhappy students. In order to avoid resentment ‘hot stove rule’ should be followed. Therefore, the hot-stove rule is possible without making students angry or resentment. It draws attention to all that touching the hot-stove is the punishment for them who violets the rules. When one touches a hot-stove:

  • The burn is immediate
  • The person has advance warning. When the stove is hot, he knows what will happen if he touches it.
  • The effect is consistent. Everyone who touches a red hot-stove gets burnt.

The same thing is true with discipline. It should give a clear cut warning regarding the punishment for an offense.

Explain what procedures will you take before punishing or taking any disciplinary actions against the students?

Being a teacher this is a very important teacher interview questions and answers since taking disciplinary action can lead to a chaos sometimes.

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Allow students to explain:

Students should be given an opportunity to explain their position before the disciplinary action is initiated or taken. When the teacher is satisfied with the explanation given by the student, there is no need for taking any disciplinary action. On the contrary, when the teacher or administration is not satisfied with the student’s explanation, there is a need for taking action.

Ensure that rewards are valued or importance:

Rewards should be important for students. It should influence educational effectiveness for students. The rewards system should be such that as what they individually considered important to know student’s interest. It is better to ask them what they valued or whatnot. The preference for reward is significantly affected by their academic scores, talents, and other factors that prove that he.she is a disciplined student.

Equitable distribution:

Rewards should be distributed equally when it is based on input and output ratio. Similarly, students should be rewarded on the basis of their performance. It should be fair related to what other students get for showcasing similar performances. Equity theory provides three bases on which individual judge’s equitable distribution of the reward system.


Flexibility is essential to satisfy the students at schools or educational institutions. It should vary with change in performance. It says that rewards are given accordingly to the individual’s academic scores and performances.

Thus, when the performance of a student is increased, the reward will be increased accordingly. On the other hand, when the performance level decreases, the reward also has to be adjusted to the level of decreased performance.


The reward should be visible to be effective in the educational administration. It should get the attention not only of the individual students but also the other students as a whole as well. Visible rewards will motivate individual students for the satisfaction of esteem and recognition needs. On the contrary, if it is not visible, students value it less and will not see a relation between reward and performance.

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The reward should be based on the paying capacity of the administration of such educational institution. The cost and benefits of the reward should be carefully considered to maintain the administrative effectiveness in such a way that it provides the maximum in motivational potential.

Here was the best question for the interview of a teacher. I hope you read well. This will surely help you to crack your interviews.

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