School counselor interview questions


School counselors are the most important part of the school. If you are looking for a great career boost in the field of school counseling. Here are the best school counselor interview questions.

School counselor interview questions and answers

What is your main motive behind being a school counselor?

Answer: This is the most important school counselor interview questions. Everything that you do in life has a motive. We do not do anything without proper notice and expectations. Therefore, the employer’s main concern while asking about your main motive. If you have a positive motive to become a counselor then it would show how passionate you are about your job.

School counselor interview questions

Hence, While answering this question you must tell the exact motive behind being a counselor and choosing the counselor as your career. The following can be the motive for being a school counselor; Further this question will surely be asked as the school counselor interview questions and answers.

  1. To help the students to achieve their goal.
  2. Provide students the right guidance and help to proceed and exceed academically and personally.
  3. Help the student to get them out of their comfort zone and provide them the right mental stability.
  4. Provide the students with assistance to solve their problems.
  5. Work in the personal as well as the professional growth of the students.
  6. Enhance the self-confidence of the students and provide them the right motivation.


Everything has a motive. Therefore there is a concern of the employer then why you really want this job. If you have a positive intention to do a particular job.

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Can you handle if someone criticizes you?

Answer: Criticism is relevant in all the sectors that you work in. However how bad or good you do in your work. There are some people who will look at your negative aspects and will surely give their comments on it. Similarly, talking about the school counselor interview questions and answers. This is an important one for school counseling interview questions. If it is a good comment it will motivate you. Furthermore, if it is the negative comments it will act as a criticism. In order to handle the criticism more conveniently and easily, you must know what really the criticism is.

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School counselor interview questions

“Criticism” is the act that when a person passes the particular judgment to the work or the mistakes that you do. So, we have to understand that it is just a judgment that a person passes. If you do anything there will be certain chances that you will do a mistake. So, the most important thing in such situations is to find out and analyze your mistakes. After analyzing it and then try to correct it.

In the following ways you can handle the criticism;

  1. Always stay optimistic and work with a positive frame of mind.
  2. Take every negative comment positively and try to correct them.
  3. Accept what you to and move forward.
  4. Ignorance can also help you get rid of negativity some times.

Furthermore, this is the most important school counselor interview questions and answers.


There is criticism in every job or every work you do. On top of everything the one thing that matters a lot is how you deal with that criticism. You must have the capability to deal with that criticism in a positive way.

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How will you handle if some plans to drop out of school?

Answer: Being a counselor it is the most important question for you. These questions can be a game-changer for you. So, you must answer this question to the point and explain how exactly you can help the students. Since dropping out of a school for a student is not a small thing. It reflects where the student’s career will proceed and how will they perform in the future as well. Therefore, in such conditions, The counselor must provide the right guidance to the students.

School counselor interview questions

While answering this question, You can say I will first understand the mental status of the students for why they want to drop out of school. I will motivate them that it is the matter of his career and what education will provide them in the future. Dropping out is not a small thing it can make a person fall in very problematic situations in the future.

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Talking in contrary to the school counseling this can help you a lot to provide the school counselor interview questions and answers.

Education is very important in all aspects. Without education, o one can grow personally and professionally. Similarly, in order to get a job and become financially independent, it needs proper education. So, This will influence them to change their thinking ability and change the mind. So that they will not leave the school and continue with their studies in a nice way.


Dropping out of a school for the students is not a small thing. The school counselor must have the capability to counsel the students. Similarly, tell them the importance of education and help them in their progress.

How passionate are you for your career?

Answer: Passion is any kind of emotion that drives you to achieve any kind of desire or dreams that you have. Therefore, having a passion for any career or thing that keeps you moving forward and do things in the right way. Therefore, if you have a great passion and desire to counsel the students. Then in such a condition your true passion makes the employer believe that you will be a stand out school counselor.

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School counselor interview questions

Therefore, you will do your work well and in a standout way. You work will be good and filled with skills. The passionate job is always accomplished nicely as compared to the work which is without passion. Hence, the interviewer and the employer seeks for the right and the matching passion that suits best for the job and the position.

Hence while answering this question you should be answering the questions in such a way that you are passionate about being a school counselor. You really love to do the student’s counseling. Similarly, you care for the students and for their proportionate growth day in and day out. Furthermore, make them believe that you will show the results in the right manner rather than wasting time. If these things are included then no one can stop you from getting a job.


Passion is what drives you for your growth and success. If you have the passion for your job then there is nothing that will stop you from your success. Similarly, If your passion is for being a successful counselor then you will surely do your job in the correct manner.

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What will be the basis on which you will evaluate the students?

Answer: In order to counsel students in the right way and give them the right action paths. The evaluation of the students based on their performance, behavior, skills, and discipline is important. Therefore, in order to evaluate the students, you can tell about the following measures to the employer so that they can be impressed by you in all sorts of situations.

School counselor interview questions

The student’s performance and the progress of the students can be evaluated in the following ways;

  1. It can be assessed and evaluated on the basis of the academic scores that the students score in their exams. Similarly, the test of the school or the institution.
  2. Furthermore, the performance and progress can be evaluated on the nature of their behavior, habits, discipline. And the performance day in and day out.
  3. Moreover, You can have a one to one conversation with the students and try to learn their feelings about their psyche about what they want to do. Their negativity and positivity,
  4. Similarly, students can be evaluated on the basis of their goals, and the passion they have while doing a particular task.
  5. Above all, you can put them in a similar situation. After putting them in a similar situation. The next thing will be to observe them. Based upon what you observe you can rate them. The higher-rated students will be considered excellent and the lower rate students have the place for improvement.


There are many bases on the basis of which performance and the progress of the students can be evaluated. It can be on the basis of their academics score, disciplines, skills, and talents, behavior and habits.

Do you have experience as a counselor?

Answer: Experience is very important in every field that you work in. Every interviewer or employer seeks their employee to be experienced. So that their work can be accomplished in the right way. Furthermore, the expert advice and expert work are what today’s competitive world seeks for.

School counselor interview questions

Hence, It belongs to your capabilities and the professional judgment in what way you can make yourself experienced in the field that you want to work in. Furthermore, if you are experienced you can get any position that you want to work in. Along with the position, the experiences come hand in hand with the good package of salary payment as well.

While giving the answer to this question to the interviewer you must show your talents and the skills that you have. Furthermore, your experiences will help you and count only if it is relevant and related to the position that you are applying for. If you have strong working experiences then there is no chances that you won’t be slected.

You will surely be selected. Gone are those days when you get selected with just your qualification. This time in the current competitive working environment. Everyone wants to be ahead of others. So people and most of the employers seek for experience and great skills. Therefore, you should increase your tenure of working experience. Moreover, work on your hard and soft skills.


Experience is all that really matters for the growth of the organization along with the growth of an individual as well. If you have the proper experience in the field of school counseling then there can be proper chances for your growth.

How good you are in time management skills?

Answer: Time management skills are very important. Furthermore, If you cannot manage time then it creates the problem in your life as well in the working condition. Similarly, If you wish for the growth of the company then you must have a good ability to manage the time. Not only in the corporate world also in life. You have to learn how to prioritize things. If you can prioritize things on the basis of its importance then you will have a systematic life. Moreover, It will surely have a visible growth in life as well.

School counselor interview questions

Hence in order to answer this question to the employer or the interviewer. You will answer I am good at time management skills. Moreover, I have the ability to complete the work in time and meet deadlines. I maintain every checklist of the works that is important. Similarly, I try to settle down every work according to the checklist and give a tick mark on the checklist. In this way you can complete all the work on time and further without any hindrance.

Here are some of the importance of managing time:

  1. Depletes and lessens the workload along with the stress.
  2. It provides productivity and shows results in every work that you do.
  3. Proper decision making and task accomplishment.
  4. The decrease in the conflict in the workplace.


Time management is an important thing and skill that one should possess. If you can manage the time in a well-mannered way then you will surely achieve landmarks in life and further excel in life as well.

School counseling interview questions

Why did you see this job as your career?

Answer: You choose to do any job in any of the corporate houses or organizations in order to boost your career. Therefore, The employer has a great concern for why dod you choose this career. where did you see your self after taking the current job as your career? Since each and every human being in this work seeks the opportunity and takes every action to grab that opportunity and grow.

School counselor interview questions

Hence while answering this question to your interviewer. You must show that this job is important for you to give your counseling career growth. Similarly, You can say that – This company or organization is one of the good organizations in the town. Furthermore, working here is a golden opportunity for me. It opens the gate for my bright future working here. So, I see this job as my career.


When you switch to a new job from the present job. There is always the growth that you see. If you see a career in a particular job you will do it in a similar way. Opportunity is what drags a person to switch a job.

What are your strengths and weakness?

Answer: Your strength and the weakness matters for the company a lot. Your strength proves to be the boon for the company. Further, Your weakness can affect the growth of the company adversely. Therefore, the company has a big concern in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. If you are preparing for the interview for school counseling interview questions and answers this is certainly the deal cracker. This is one of the important interview questions for school counselor.

School counselor interview questions

Furthermore, If you have the strength and the command in something then that is good. Similarly, If you have any weakness you have to take some time and try to improve your weakness.

In order to answer this question, You must focus on the strength that is required by the organization. Not all the skills are important for the organization. It should be relevant for the company and the position that you are applying for. If your strength matches the position of the company then the chances of your recruitment increase. Further it will impress the interviewer as well.

The strengths of a counselor are as follows;

  1. Good communication backed up by amazing listening skills.
  2. Proper command on the language both local language as well as a global language that is English.
  3. Flexibility and good reporting skills.
  4. Patience.
  5. Great counseling and influencing skills.


Strength and weakness are what makes you complete and achieve particular goals and achievement. Furthermore, Everyone does a mistake and have weaknesses. It is all that you must work on your weaknesses and move forward.

How will you deal with the work pressure in the job?

Answer: If I have to tell you about the school counselor interview questions and answers then this is a ice breaker. The job of a school counselor is a really tough job. In order to this job without any problems and to provide the smoothness. You should deal with the work pressure in the correct way and without any chaos. Therefore, it is important for you to deal with work pressure in any job that you can do.

School counselor interview questions

Hence while giving the answer to this question to your interviewer you must make sure that you can handle the work pressure in a very well mannered way. So that it would not create any problem in the working environment. Hence, it is the matter of fact, and you can deal with the work pressure in the following way;

  1. Prioritizing the most important work and accomplishing the work which stands as the most important to do.
  2. Proper delegation of work among all the employees and other staff.
  3. Practicing yoga, exercises, and meditation to relieve stress.
  4. Skills to resolve anger and anger management skills can do a lot.
  5. Think positively. Being optimistic is very important.


It is very important to manage stress at work. You can practice the art of meditation, exercises, and yoga. Further, you can master the skills of anger management which will do good as well.

What do you mean by school counselor?

Answer: School counselors are those individuals that counsel or assist the students. Not matter for which level the students are. It may be of a lower-level or of a higher level. The school counselor works for the advocacy of the students which helps the students in providing the right path. In this way, they can work in a very good way. This might help you with the school counselor interview questions and answers.

School counselor interview questions

Furthermore, the school counselor is the most important and vital part of the school. It would be a tough job to run a smooth school without a counselor. Since it is always important to give the proper guidance and provide assistance to the students.


The school counselor is that individual who counsels and assists the students for their growth and prosperity.

How will you communicate and understand the mental status of the students?

Answer: Being a counselor it is a very important thing to understand the mental status of the students. By mental status it means how students are thinking and what they are feeling. Since the wrong and out of track thinking can harm the life of the students. Therefore, similarly, give an adverse effect on the career growth of the students. Hence, in order to provide the right, and the discipline’s environment for the students it is very important to understand what they are feeling, what they are thinking and how they are doing. In the following ways you can understand the mental status of the students;

School counselor interview questions
  1. Be a friend with them such that they share everything with you. No matter if the issues are petty or big. You can judge them and rate them on the basis of what they say.
  2. Furthermore, Keep the students in a particular situation. Similarly, see how those students give their situation being in that situation. Further you can rate them on such behavior.
  3. Calculate their academic scores along with how they perform in different situations other than academics. For instance, extra-curricular activities, group understanding, and many more.

In this situation, it would be easier to communicate and understands the mental status of the students.


Being a counselor it is very important to understand the mental status of the students. How they think and what they want to achieve in their life. Further, Understanding what the students want to achieve is important for their growth.

What really does the counselor do?

Answer: Counselors are the most important part of the school. Here are the details on what a school counselor really do;

School counselor interview questions
  1. Helps and assists the students in providing the right way and keep them in the right frame of mind.
  2. Encourage and motivate students in order to achieve their goals.
  3. Build self-confidence in them such that they don’t hesitate to do new things. Further which will be a pillar of their growth in the future days to come.
  4. Providing the students the proper assistance to excel academically.
  5. Help them to improve more in extra-curricular activities backed by strong academics.
  6. Consulting with the school management along with teachers and the students about the student’s performance.
  7. Assisting and helping the parents of the students to take care of them.
  8. Identify and analyze the proper interests of the students along with their strengths and weakness. Further builds an environment on how they can work on their weakness. Similarly, do even more good in strengths.
  9. Teach them the importance of being disciplined in the classroom. Moreover, not only in the classroom but in life. How it manages helps in career growth as well.
  10. Providing help and being there for them whenever they need it.


A counselor is those individuals who help the students in their growth and prosperity.

Summing it up,

These are the most important and mostly asked school counselor interview questions and answers that will help you to get through the interviews. Furthermore, If you want to get the best results in regard to your interview read well multiple times before the interviews.

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We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Do not forget to comment down below. Until then see you in the next blog. Ta da!

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