Restaurant Manager Interview Questions


The restaurant business is a rising trend in business investment globally.  An increase in the income level of millions of people worldwide. Along with the rise in the middle-class population have led to a change in the dining habits of people. Restaurant culture is a growing trend and it is one of the lucrative businesses in every place. Here are the best restaurant manager interview questions and answers.

Though most of the restaurants start as household managed entrepreneurs. They gradually take the business to a more professional level hiring a more efficient team. Such a team is led by a manager. Below, we discuss some topics of conversation during a restaurant manager interview questions and answers.

1. Please introduce yourself and state your credentials to apply to this position.

Answer: This is a very common restaurant manager interview questions and answers. You have to take this question as an opportunity to leave a lasting impression of a pleasant personality and professional outlook. As the restaurant business is about the ability to maintain a pleasant work and dining environment.

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Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

Similarly, As a manager, you are expected to create and maintain a favorable environment for the staff and costumers. You can start with a formal way of introducing yourself stating your name, academics, and prior work experiences.


Introduce your self in such a way that it throws the long-lasting mark of yours in front of the interviewer. In this way if you can get your first impression right. Then everything beyond that will get a lot easier.

2. How did you hear about us and where did you learn about the vacancy?

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Answer: This is not so common thing to be asked in a job interview but client based companies may ask this for their own use. They may be interested to know the coverage width of their company. And similarly, assess the efficacy of their advertisement modes and mediums.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

The way you reply will have almost no impact on the decision about your interview. You can simply state the fact.


This is a simple question. You can answer the fact from where did you hear the vacancy from. Further, this will not affect the hiring decisions of an interviewer.

3. What are your academic backgrounds and describe your previous job experiences?

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Answer: If we talk about the restaurant manager interview questions and answers then this question in a very common one. An academic background in hospitality education is a key to enter into the restaurant manager. You may have come from different academic backgrounds other than hospitality education as well. In either case, it is desirable you have a proper level of academic accomplishments.

Though a bachelor’s level studies should be sufficient, some high-value brand ones may seek qualifications at masters level.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

While you are at an advantage if you have an academic background in hospitality education. Similarly, You may also be a strong candidate if you are from other branches of general or applied management streams. In whatever case, you are required to have some experience in similar positions.

If you are switching in from another restaurant, you are certainly expected to be working in a similar position. If you are seeking in-house promotion. Then you may be considered even if you have to work in immediate junior roles to the manager, as an assistant manager. Your experiences will weigh much higher than anything else in these roles.


Being academically string will surely add a plus point for you to get a job. Further being in a managerial position a strong academics with experience is a must.

4. What additional skills do you have to bring in to the service of this restaurant?

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Answer: This is a tricky thing to answer as you may have several skills but you may think none are required for this role. But it is always advisable to state your skills. So that your curious nature and habit and willingness of learning new things will be illustrated. You may state the skills like computer usage, language usages, office management, etc. Talking about skills then this question will cross your way during restaurant manager interview questions and answers.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

As they are directly related to your prospective work. Your skills such as driving, cooking, or repairing may come handy in case of urgent requirements. Even the remotely related restaurant skills like singing or playing musical instruments may give you a filler’s role in events once-twice a year. So, no skill gained is a skill wasted.


Skills always support you to get a particular job and similarly help you to grow in life. Therefore, If you have different skills. It will never get wasted and will help you in different parts of life. Therefore, It will add additional marks as a restaurant manager that will help the company.

5. What size of the transaction and human resources did you manage in earlier roles?

Answer: These questions are almost asked in every interview for managerial roles. Managers are hired to manage financial, human, and other resources and are thus sensitive responsibilities. So, it is important that you make a quick research to find out the size of the business you are applying to.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

Bigger the business, bigger are the resources. So, the interviewer will look for candidates who have the experiences and abilities to handle the size of their business.

While answering these questions, it is advisable that you do not reveal the real figures of transactions. And other business information of the other restaurants or companies you have worked earlier.


It is the most asked question for the position of the manager. Since being a manager you have to manage the large group of people more specifically everyone.

6. How will you manage the conflicts within a team in the restaurant?

Answer: Like a leader in any other business or a group of people, the manager of the restaurant is also expected to counter team conflicts. The conflicts may be individual and spontaneous or groups based on issues dating back to past events. So, before you start to intervene and start to pacify the situation. You should have a thorough understanding of the causes and extent of the conflict. If you are preparing for the interview of restaurant manager interview questions and answers then this one will surely be asked.

They may be internally originated ones or some problems may have the external causes. So the interventions should be done accordingly. Not all problems in the team are genius and solvable. Some conflicts are a result of the activities of plant employees who may be loyal to competing businesses. Such cases should be handled with care and smelled out early.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

The problems and conflicts may not be in the control of the manager. These cases should be taken up to the board members or the investors as well. So, business conflict management requires bravery, skill, and knowledge and sometimes, cleverness and wisdom as well.

It is worth to mention the examples you have implemented in previous works where you have applied some conflict solving strategies and those have resulted positively. Adding the examples of how you successfully handled and settled down conflicts while working in previous roles will be supporting points to your theoretical understanding of conflict management.


There are a lot of chances that you will have to suffer from a conflict situation while working closely with the staff. In such situations, you will have the proper skills to resolve the chances of the conflict. The chances of the conflict must be settled off in the early stage before the things go out of hand.

7. What are your targets for this restaurant as a manager?

Answer: When you are asked about the target, as a manager, it may mean a variety of targets. While the straightforward transaction targets or client targets may be handled by the marketing department, which is under your supervision too, you should have a bigger picture as a manager. Sometimes, such targets mean abstract sort of achievement, like goodwill and ambassadorship of the restaurant firm. This is the important restaurant manager interview questions and answers.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

So, you should talk about the bigger picture rather than the transactional numbers. This question will allow you to speak out your mind freely and share your vision for the business. Here is an opportunity for you to make a lasting positive impression about you to the interview panel. But you should be careful in not blowing your words out of proportion to the size and type of the business. Exaggeration may sow a seed of doubt and disbelief towards you.

Do not forget to mention any illustrations of your successful achievements and accomplishments of the target while working in previous roles. Such achievements of the target may be in a similar role in earlier restaurants or in different roles in the same or different restaurants.


As a manager, you might have many targets. The main target you have to achieve as a manager will be the satisfies customer service, increase the revenue of the restaurant, and aid in the growth of the restaurant in all aspects.

8. What plans do you have for the capacity development of the restaurant staff?

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Answer: Business investors are the kind of people who are generally long term business entrepreneurs. They believe in long term rolling business. They are not a sprinter. That implies they want everything to last longer so that efficiency will rise and cost per unit production goes down. This applies to every resource, including human resources.

So, as a manager, you are expected to look after the unit of production, including the staff in such a way that they work for the restaurant for a longer duration. Hiring and firing frequently will cast doubt over the abilities of the manager to hire a proper worker and his ability to handle the hired workers. Unstable workers may be a result of an incompetent manager. This one is the best one for the restaurant manager interview questions and answers.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

So, for this question, you may outline plans for the efficient management of human resources. There may be various ways to manage this scenario. As a manager, you may hire the candidates who believe they are done with the academics and now want to focus on the work. If you hire someone who wants to take up the job as a stepping stone, his or her focus of concentration may be on other aspects of his or her career development rather than in the restaurant business.

You may also state your ideas about in-house training to the staff based on need base assessment. Moreover, occasional refreshment retreats and other promotional bonuses and packages, including families, will help to win over the hearts and sentiments of the workers.

Again, it is worth to mention the examples you have implemented in previous works where you have applied some of the capacity development methods. You can narrate a short case study where you guided some staff and see them progress through an intern or a starter to a full-grown well established professional in the restaurant business.


Being a restaurant manager it is your duty to help the employees to increase their capacity both personally and professionally that would help for the growth of the staff. Further, the occasional retreats that includes bonuses will do the thing.

9. What will be your priorities for the work as a restaurant manager?

Answer: Working as a restaurant manager is a multi-task performance. You can list out a number of supposedly activities that you think a restaurant manager would do. Some of the activities you may like to list out maybe the supervision of staff, logistic arrangement, machinery maintenance, client feedback, financial and transactional operations, etc.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

As a manager, it is important to allocate weighted priority to all the essential roles that have to be undertaken by the restaurant manager.


As a restaurant manager, the priorities of the work will be that which will help in the smooth operation of the business.

Restaurant manager interview questions and answers video

10. How do you describe your stress management skills?

Answer: Stress management is one of the key skills required for the managers. Similarly, Stress may be out of team issues, transactional targets, and quality of the menu items, financial discipline, or deadlines among others. It is important to maintain a composed and light gesture and convince the panel of your nature that is will take the risk and stress but have the ability to control them below the critical levels.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

Here, you can provide some examples where you have handled the stress and come out of it successfully. The panel can also judge to stress managing skills by observing your gestures and expressions during the interview session itself. 


Being a manager, you should have the skills to surpass the stress and manage the stress. It helps in creating discipline and a reduction in health issues.

11. How would you treat a staff who you think is not putting up required efforts?

Answer: This is one of the most difficult scenarios faced by managers. You as a manager will be obviously expecting every part of the system and human resources to put their cent percent effort into the restaurant. Still, there will be some who are not working wholeheartedly.

It is not an easy thing to fire such individuals straight. Besides else, there also come issues of livelihood of the concerned individual.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

As a manager, you are also the guardian of the staff working under your supervision. You are expected to look after their issues too. There may the problems which may be hindering the efficiency of the staff. It is a good approach to work to find the solutions to the hindrances that are preventing the workers to give their best.

If nothing else works, as manager of the restaurant, it will be beneficial for both you and business to fire such underperforming individuals.


There might be a condition that some of the staff might be lazy. So you being a manager you must take care of it. You can use the tools of negative motivation to make them engaged.

13. What do you know about the local restaurant business here?

Answer: This is a very important question. The interviewer may be interested to know more than a few things with this question. Similarly, You may be expected to show your knowledge about the locally sought after cuisine or where does this particular restaurant stand in the local restaurant business competition. You may also be expected to express your views as feedback to the restaurant.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

So, you may make this question a basis for a lively conversation. You may start by stating if you have been into this restaurant and dined before as a customer. You may provide feedback to the menu items. Therefore, You may speak from your previous experiences about the best selling menu items and hint at culling out the ones with low preferences.

Further, You may also make a restaurant mapping in the local area and make a suggestion to add or remove some menu items to give a specialist brand to the restaurant.


This is the important question it shows how much knowledge you have about those restaurants.

14. How would you rank the standing of the restaurants, including ours, in the local business?

Answer: This is quite a straight forward question. You may be tempted to reply to it in the same tone but it is good to take a more balanced approach. But still, you have little choice to conceal your real understanding of the restaurant ranking.

You choose to states the pros and cons of the restaurants rather than making a direct dive into the numerical ranking. It is important to note that business comparisons are meaningful only within a similar category.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

A bed and breakfast cannot be compared with a five-star hotel. You can identify similar restaurants like that if you are applying for and may point out the pros and cons of the restaurants. Some may be good at client service while some may have better menu items.

This approach of handling a question to compare the business will show your analytic skills and may be beneficial in taking the interview in your favor.


This is the straight forward question. You must answer this question in a similar tone that might help.

15. What are your strengths and weakness as a restaurant manager?

Answer: You should expect this question to come during the interviews. It is not an easy task to list our own strengths and weaknesses. But it can be done if you regularly practice doing the self-assessment on a regular basis. Some companies do it as their routine event.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

If you have done it prior, you will find it easy to list out the points. It is advised to use moderate words and language to state your points. Use of extreme words and language may put yourself and the panel in an awkward situation.


The strength and weaknesses both affect the growth of the company. The strength of the employee leads to the growth of the company whereas the weakness of the employee can somehow affect the success of the company both negatively and positively.

16. What are your expectations for this new job?

Answer: When such questions tart to come from the panel, you have a sense that you are now in the closing session of the interview. You can relax a bit and be honest as there remains almost nothing to manipulate the facts to influence the decision of the interview. Similarly, You may give a range of remuneration package that you think is reasonable to the size of the business you are applying to.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

You may be honest to state the current scale and benefits as such things relatively open secret in the industry. Any cleverness to manipulate the current benefits may be counter-productive. Overstatement will lead to suspicions about your intentions. So, it is important, to be honest, and straight in such cases.


By this question, the interviewer wants to ask and know how much compensation do you expect from the company. You must be flexible and tell the amount that they are willing to give. Furthermore, for these questions you can do market research for how much the other company pays for a similar position.

17. What are your plans for the future?

Answer: This question is generally asked to search the stability in the candidate. Whatever be in your mind, it is wise to mention that you expect to continue into the restaurant business till the foreseeable future. It is important for the panel to hire a candidate to can take up the job for several years as changing managers frequently are not desirable things for investors to do. Managers are deemed to be very responsible and mature leaders in the profit-oriented business.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions


Being a manager of any company is a top-level job. So the employers want those employees who can work for them for a longer period of time. Furthermore, A stable mind is necessary for the top-level position.

18. Have you anything to ask us before we wind up?

Answer: Now is the time to close the interview. You may or may not take the time to take the conversation a bit longer. This will not be in advantage or disadvantage for you. You may ask for the possible dates of hearing back from the panel.

Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

You may state any information that you think may be important to the interview panel. Otherwise, you may thank the panel and leave the session with a pleasant-looking gesture.


In this section, you can answer the possible queries and questions that you have in mind regarding the job position. Further, you can ask so with pout hesitation. Don’t worry.

Summing it up,

These were some of the best restaurant manager interview questions and answers that will help you to get through your interviews. Further, read all the questions and answers multiple times before you head for the interview. Most of the questions are sure that you are going to face in your interviews.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

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