Receptionist Job Description


Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists are the need for almost every organization. Why “almost” to be a specific receptionist are the must and the important part for every organization. Receptionists are popularly entitled as the front desk officers as well. As they are the first person that you meet when you enter any company. With whom you share your queries and the question. Further, go further for what you need. They are the initial important member of the company. Since the demand for front desk officers is increasing. Many individuals out there are keen as well to work as a receptionist.

Who is a Receptionist?

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Answer: Receptionists are the front desk employee who answers all the questions and the queries of the outsiders regarding the company. Further, they manage every phone call and pass the phone calls relating to the particular departments and the fragments of the company. In other words, they are the caretaker of the company who takes care of the company operates in the proper way.

So that it does not affects the smooth operation of the company. Furthermore, the receptionist plays a great role in managing company operations. Similarly, The receptionists popularly known as the front desk officers are the most integral part of the company as well as the pillar of the operations department. Check out the Interview Questions For Receptionist

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Receptionist Job Description

  1. Should handle all the operations of the company nicely. Further, do the work as instructed by the head of the operations managers.
  2. Cooperate and manage all the calls. Further, solve all the questions and the queries on the phone calls. Further, Transfer those calls as per the requirements of each department.
  3. Maintain and manage outsiders. Further, aid them if they have any problem and try to solve them. If the problem arises ask for the higher-level help. Rather leaving the questions unsolved.
  4. Work closely with all the departments. So, the operations in the business work in a smooth way.
  5. Manage and settle any sort of conflicts that may arise in the workplace. Further, it is better to avoid the conflicts that have even a minimal chance to increase.
  6. Must work for the overtime sometimes as per the requirement and the need of the situation.
  7. Must keep all the internal information of the business confidential. Such that any important or the petty issues go out of the office premises.

Receptionist Skills

We are looking for the following skills in a receptionist so as to help the organization for its growth and help in the healthy environment creation;

  1. Should have the ability to speak English and the local language fluently. Furthermore, Good command in the language.
  2. Handle and transfer all the phone calls in an appropriate manner.
  3. Ability to convince and solve the issues of the related customers and the outsiders that comes in the office premises.
  4. Great communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to handle the situation in a great manner.
  5. Must be sincere and honest towards the work. So that there does not stand any chances incomplete works.
  6. Ability to adapt in any environment. Such that the working environment does not remain the same always. It can put a test on your bearing capacity of the pressure.

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Receptionist Qualification and Experience

The receptionist or the front desk officers must have the following qualifications and the experiences;

  1. At least a bachelor’s degree in the mass communication, management, commerce, or in the field of economics.
  2. He/She should have at least a year of experience as an active front desk officer. Furthermore, If you are a freshly graduate the employee who has done the internship will be given preferences.

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Receptionist Pay Scale

The pay scale of a receptionist widely differs from one company to the other. Since the large-sized company which has a huger business module pays a decent amount of salary to the front desk officers. Further, the mid-sized and small-sized companies with an average business profile payout the average salary as well. So, if we dive into directly discussing the salary for a receptionist it might be a difficult job.

“But” don’t worry a group of individuals at the Sankalpa Job have made a detailed research on how much does a receptionist gets paid. We will discuss the salary for the fresher front desk officer, experienced receptionists, and the average pay that they can be paid. So lets directly dive into it.

Pay Salary for a Receptionist who is a fresher earn about 25,000 US dollars ( Twenty Five Thousand US Dollars). Salary for a Receptionist who is experienced earns about 45,000 US dollars (Forty-Five Thousand US Dollars). Similarly, the average pay that a receptionist can earn is about 35,000 US Dollars (Thirty-Five Thousand US Dollars).

Receptionist Job Description

Bonus for a Receptionist who is a fresher earns about 100 US dollars ( One Hundred US Dollars). Bonus for a Receptionist who is experienced earns about 2,500 US dollars ( Twenty Five Hundred US Dollars). Similarly, the average Bonus pay that a receptionist can earn is about 1,300 US Dollars ( One Thousand Three Hundred US Dollars).

Receptionist Job Description

Profit Bonus for a Receptionist who is a fresher earns about 200 US dollars ( Two Hundred US Dollars). Profit Bonus for a Receptionist who is experienced earns about 3,500 US dollars ( Three Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars). Similarly, the average Bonus pay that a receptionist can earn is about 1,850 US Dollars ( One Thousand Eight Hundred fifty US Dollars).

Receptionist Job Description

Summing it up,

These were the receptionist job description.

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