Program Manager Interview Questions


Program Manager Interview Questions

Are you preparing for the program manager interview? Then you have landed on the right page. Here are some of the best and the most asked program manager interview questions that will help you to not only clear the interview but also impress the interview panel.

program manager interview questions

1. Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?

Answer: This is a first and foremost question that is asked in every interview. Be it a program manager or any other field of work. It sets the first impression of yours in the eyes of the interviewing panel and the employer. In order to impress the interviewer, you ought to answer this question in a very professional way and elegant way as well. If we talk about the program manager interview questions and answers then these questions are sure to be asked.

Therefore, you should also mind in the right way that there is a very thin line between being arrogant and expressing your self in detail. You have to keep the good and the right combination of all the aspects and pinpoint those aspects what employer wants from you. Therefore, While answering this question you have to explain yourself nicely.

You must tell your name, age, where do you live, your education qualification, and your recent job from where you last left. In short, you must just keep it simple and sound. Since, After this question, the employer will ask you another question and get the answers for what they are looking for. Just don’t try to explain everything in one question. Give the answers to just the questions they ask. It will certainly increase your chances to get hired for the position that you are aiming for.


While answering this question, you have to impress the employer by getting your first impression right. You have to tell your name, age, location, and the last job that you left from. Answer each question being calm and composed. Do not hurry in answering any question.

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2. Can you handle the work pressure in the right way?

Answer: It is very important to handle the pressure in any profession that you are involved in. But talking about the program manager things can be a bit different. There is an immense amount of work pressure in the management of the programs. So, the interviewer has a big concern if you have the correct capacity to handle those work pressure and keep yourself motivated without breaking down during work.

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program manager interview questions
program manager interview questions

While answering this question you have to be more careful and stress those points that will make you shine in front of the interview panel. Here are some of the ways that you can point out and explain to handle the work pressure in a nice way. To handle the work pressure I will practice the following methods;

  1. Listing the important work and performing and solving them accordingly as per the priority of the work.
  2. Having a positive frame of mind and discarding all the negativity that can stand out in the workplace.
  3. Handling of workplace disputes in the correct manner. It is more important to rather avoid any chances that exist for arising the disputes.
  4. Practicing yoga, meditation, and exercises for both mental and physical health.


In order to handle the pressure in the right way, you must practice the art of yoga, meditation, and exercising regularly. Further keeping the note of important works and accomplish it according to the priority. Further, you can also learn how to manage anger in the right way.

3. Are you a team player or a solo performer?

Answer: This is a very important question that is asked by most of the interviewer while interviewing a candidate for the position of a program manager. Working in a team enhances the work of an individual. Since teamwork always leads to success rather than working in a single one. Therefore, If you are the one who likes to work in the team with the cooperation of every colleague. Then it would stand as a plus point for you. Therefore, It ultimately increases your chances to get selected in a particular position of any job. The advantages of teamwork are as follows;

  1. It reduces the workload of an individual since all the work can be distributed among the members in an appropriate way on the basis of the skill set, qualifications, and experience of an individual.
  2. It reduces the chances of error and the mistakes which may occur while working. Since working in a team the burden of the work lessens in a proper manner.
  3. Teaches the proper skills on the way of proper conflict resolution.

Hence, If you are the one who can work in a team then it issues and certain that it increases your chances to get recruited in a company. Therefore, while answering this question you should not forget to mention that you are a team performer and you like to work in a team.


While working in a corporate environment you have to work in a team very closely. All the departments are directly or indirectly related to each other. Further working is a team that makes the work easy and convenient to perform. Similarly, It reduces the workload, chances of conflict, and decreases the chances of mistakes as well.

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4. Can you tell us about your education qualification?

Answer: Education qualification is very important to get a job that you are applying for. In order to get the best job that you want to do. It is very important to meet the education requirement that is demanded in the job description of your CV. If the minimum requirement is not met. Then there can be some sort of hindrance in your recruitment in any way possible. If you do not have the minimum education required for the post.

There is anything that can save and win that job for you is experience. Experience always wins over the education qualification. If you have enough experience and if the employer believes that you can be a valuable asset for the company. Then no matter how much is your educational qualification is. They will consider you as the best candidate for that position and finish hiring you as well.

program manager interview questions
program manager interview questions

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Hence while answering this question, you have to be very specific and explain all your education qualifications that you have received in your colleges and universities. Further to the context of education qualification. It will be better if you explain to them the latest education qualification that you have received rather than murmuring everything about academics from the school level. Don’t worry they can see those in your CV.


Education qualification is important to get a particular job and get hired. It depends on what qualification the employer requires. If your education qualification meets the job description and the requirement of the position along with the right skill set and experiences you will surely get the job.

5. Explain your work experiences that you have received?

Answer: Experience is a very important aspect that is considered by the employer or the interviewer before selecting any candidate for the position. Since, without experience, it becomes very difficult for an individual to do any kind of work in the workplace. Further, it can create a problem or hindrance in the workplace. Hence, If you do not have a required experience or if you are a fresher then it can become a difficult situation for you to get a job. It is a very competitive environment nowadays. There are a lot of individuals who are experienced and might apply for the same vacancy and position that you are applying for.

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Therefore, with context to the experience, while answering this question you must point out all the details of your previous employer and what work you need to do in your previous job. Hence, It can give a positive signal of your in front of the employer and they can think that you are the right person for the position. Once, the employer or the interviewer is convinced there are no chances that they will reject you. Trust me rather than any other point and aspects. Experience is the aspect by which the employer judges you. It plays an 80% role on an average if you will be hired for a particular position or not.


Work experience is a must to get enrolled in a particular position. Even if you have fewer academics backed up by the strong work experience then you will get a job for sure. No matter how qualified individuals are there in the competition with less experience.

6. Can you handle the junior and lead the team from the front?

Answer: This is a very important question when it comes to the program manager interview questions and answers. Being in a managerial position you ought to lead a team and play an exemplary role. Further, A manager has a very important role in the daily operation of the business. So it becomes your duty on how to manage and run a team in a proper way. Further, a delegation of works to the juniors as per their capabilities and skills is very important.

Talking about the various factors that a program manager must see into and look after. The proper leading and management of the juniors and the entire team are similarly important in various ways as well. Furthermore, If the program manager lacks their skill in the context of managing their juniors then the chances of being hired for a program manager decrease by 50%. As per the reports presented by the Sankalpa Job team on 1st July 2020.

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It is found that 60% of the applicant or candidate who applies for program managers do not get selected because they lack proper managerial and delegatory skills. Hence, If you are applying for a similar position then make sure you have the good skills in managing people. If you don’t have such skills then work on it and develop one. Since it is very important in order to get hired.


Being in the position of a program manager, It is obvious that you have to lead a team and guide the juniors from the front. You have to delegate the works to them and further manage the people. Leading the team is a very important skill that a program manager should have.

7. How will you analyze the performance of the junior?

Answer: Being in managerial performance, It is your duty and responsibility to analyze the performance of the junior at work. If they are not performing well then the question mark comes in your court and you have to answer why. Since you are the one managing them. Therefore, being a program manager, you have to look after either the juniors are doing the work well and meeting the deadlines. If not you have to find out the reason for such drawbacks. Further, prepare the plan on how such drawbacks can be sorted so that the business goes well in a well-mannered way.

Furthermore, If you are the one who is applying for the program manager. You can answer his question and mention the following points n the proper analysis of the individual performances.

  1. On the basis of the quality of work, they are delivering.
  2. How create the employee is while performing their tasks?
  3. Do they meet all the deadlines on time?
  4. Are they responsible for their task and take ownership or not?
  5. If they have consistent improvement in their work?


Being at a managerial level is a senior-level position. So, you have to analyze the performance of the juniors on the basis of the quality of work, sincerity, consistency, and dedication.

7. Why did you quit your last job?

Answer: This question can decide your fate for being hired for the position. Further, this is an important one for program manager interview questions and answers. Since, If you resigned from any company then there should have some appropriate and logical reason. Similarly, if there are any changes that the company has laid you off. Then in such a condition, the new employers can think multiple times before giving you the appointment letter. In addition to this topic, here are some point which may reduce your chances of being hired;

  1. Frequent changing of job or instability in a particular job. The minimum number of years spent with one company must be at least two to three years.
  2. Laid off by the company due to poor performance, weak character, or any other reason whatsoever may be possible.
  3. Frequent conflicts with colleagues, seniors, and juniors in the workplace.

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Hence, make sure you do not mention the following point while answering this question in front of the interviewing panel. Furthermore, While answering this question, you can mention that I am trying to switch from my previous job to seek improvement from a career perspective.

Above mentioned were some of the imporatn project manager interview questions and anmswers. Besides that here are top question what a project manager should ask in the interview.

Questions Project Managers Should Ask

Here are some of the questions project manager should ask to the interviewer;

  1. What are the primary objectives of a program?
  2. Can you please tell me the office timings that I have to follow?
  3. Is there any dress code in the workplace?
  4. What will be my major responsibilities?
  5. Whom should I report to?

Summing it up,

These were the best and the most asked program manager interview questions and answers that will help you to get through and impress your employers and the interviewer out there. Furthermore, please go through these questions multiple typing before heading your way to the interview room. This will help you to increase and give a boost to your self-confidence and finally end up getting you a job.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

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