Office Manager Resume Objective


Here are the best office manager resume objective examples. That will help you to build a great resume.

What is an Office Manager Resume Objective?

 An Office Manager Resume Objective is that component that is kept at the very beginning of the Resume or CV. Similarly, It is mainly there for the purpose of highlighting your journey of life. The elements that the resume objective will reflect are skills, responsibilities. Furthermore, it must be the document that will be able to highlight most of the capabilities and skills as the recruiter is seeking.

Office Manager Resume Objective

There must be information that best describes your ability and responsibilities. Moreover, The main motive of a resume objective is to help you to make a good impression on the recruiter. As an Officer Manager is expected to have certain qualities that specify the position, it gives that information to the employer. 

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Why do you need to make an Office Manager resume objective?

An office manager is a very tedious task that includes handling of the entire works associated with an office. It includes holistic management of the planning, managerial, administrative, organizational, staffing, directional, financial, evaluative sectors in an office. Similarly, Office manager jobs can be challenging and competitive. Yet it is a prestigious position that will teach about having better experience learning about the various management-level skills needed for a proper job and entire life as well.

Furthermore, A dozen people compete for the same position in various office firms and the Office Manager Resume objective will hold the ultimate key to be selected for the job or sustain the position. Similarly, Your capabilities for the position will be reflected through the resume and you will eventually be selected among the others.

The main objective of the Office Manager Resume Objective is to give a quick overview of why you are suitable for the ultimate position without having to go in-depth into the Resume or CV that consists of detailed information about your entire journey. Similarly, The main motive of the Office Manager Resume Objective is to mirror your abilities and capabilities in a brief point or objective.

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Some reasons for the need of an office Manager Resume objective are:

  • To give a brief outline of yourself including your skills and abilities.
  • Similarly, highlight your major achievements.
  • To provide an insight into the strengths you possess for that position.
  • Furthermore, pose yourself more capable among the other candidates.
  • To create an interest in the interviewer to view your entire application.
  • Similarly, indicate the relevancy of your eligibility for the position.

The better you make the resume objective the better chances stand for you to excel in getting the desired position. You must make sure that the resume objective is updated and with attractive points to influence the interviewer. After each achievement or some changes related to the objective titles. Moreover, you must keep updating and changing the objective as per the changing context.

The resume objective must be in a constantly updated version. Thus, the changes that influence the objective updates are needed to update your resume objective arises when:

  • Career changes in the industry/field
  • The address and location have been changed
  • There is a new contact, the old one has been replaced
  • There are new strengths and the skills you have learned
  • Have achieved new awards or credentials
  • Have acquired an educational degree
  • Added rewards and recommendations
  • Improved skills and new pieces of training

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What is the best formatting style to make an Office Manager Resume Objective?

Answer: There are mainly two formats in which you can reflect on yourself through the resume objective. It depends on which format you can present yourself more accurately, clearly, and precisely to the audience. It helps to give your overall summary. So this must be a proper and organized presentation of yourself.  The format which you can use are:

In the form of the paragraph:

The paragraphs are usually an elaborative way to express yourself. It is mostly used in part of the profile and introduction. Similarly, It requires a certain explanation to highlight your goals and motive. This format is thus used to present yourself in the form of some long sentences. For example, you can take, ‘A responsible office manager with 5 years of experience handling office staff, customers with high efficiency and dedication in XYZ Company.’

In the form of Bullet Format:

The bulleting is a very renowned process of writing a summary. In short reflective points, the bullets will give an outline of expression. Furthermore, The bullets must be short, precise, and to the point. Similarly, It will be helpful to readers who want just a quick look at the document and want to form a judgment.

Office Manager Resume Objective

The examples can include:

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Good management skills.
  • Planning, organizational, and networking skills.
  • Project coordination skills.

You must make sure that you use the correct information to put it in the format. Both the format can be used alternatively or together as well.

What are the elements that are to be included in the Office Manager Resume Objective?

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The Office Manager Resume Objective is aimed to portray your overall characteristics and personality in brief points. You need to make sure that you have highlighted the major information. Similarly, Regarding yourself that reflects your capability in sustaining the position as an office manager. Moreover, The elements that will best suit your personality and the ability must be only listed here. If there are any additional skills and qualities that can be omitted if it is irrelevant to the position.

Office Manager Resume Objective

Some of the components that can be a mandatory portion to be included in the resume objective are:

Your summary:

It should shortly describe about yourself.

Your Contact Information:

It must contain your information of availability and accessibility.

Academics/ Education:

The various level of the education and the places you have acquired it from.


This could be the part that can add value to the resume. It will have to include all your credentials. It is a plus point if included.


The skills and qualities that you have will be in this section. The best of the best skills should be in this part that will reflect your personality.

Your Work experiences:

It will be inclusive of the various places, industries you have worked for. While you do not need to list all the workplaces, just the relevant field is enough. It must also have some of the responsibilities of the workplace.

Why do you need a systematic format for listing the components in the resume?

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It is a must for the objectives to be set along systematically in the Resume Objective. The chronology in which you outline your objective will be a point the interviewer notices. As your organization’s ability from the very beginning. The more you can make a better resume objective the more effective and advantageous to yourself. Furthermore, there will be a much better chance to be selected in the job.

The way you can draft out the resume objectives can be considered in a systematic format. Among the many formats, the most relevant format for an Office Manager is the SMART format that is;


The objective you chose to write should be specific and to the point. Example A person with good management skills in handling 20+ office staff and good command on the activities.


The objective you mention must be measurable by a considerable amount and not be exaggerated. Example The hard skills and use of MS Office suites can be measured with efficient and is relevant to the position


Your accuracy of information will help the employer get a better view of yourself. The concerned information like your contact information on social media matters in this area.


The information should always be relevant to your position. If you are applying for a manager, the skills should align with your managerial efficiency and calibers. It must not be exaggerated and over convincing.

Time Context:

The updated and contextual type of data must only be included in this section. Outdated information will not be valuable to impress the employer.

How do you write objectives in the Profile/ Introduction section?

The profile must be short yet explanatory. It should give a brief account of your identity, goal, intention, and role of why you are trying to apply for the position. Similarly, Based on your profile they will decide and judge your ongoing progress for their office and institution.

The entire information you list in the resume objective will be valuable to keep check of your suitability for the position and responsibility. Furthermore, You can refer to the below-listed examples.

  • An experienced office manager at ABC company with 3 years of experience in handling the Sales and Retail Work.
  • Similarly, A proficient office manager with 5 years of experience in various offices with the major responsibility of staffing and administrative management.
  • An enthusiastic office manager with 2 years of experience handling various administrative works and good managerial skills of office and software management.

The profile will be the basis to generate interest in you. You must be able to list out the interesting information for the position. Similarly, It is important to list your contact information so that they can easily keep in touch with you. out all the available contact information as well.

What must be in the portion of Education/Academics?

Academics play an important role in making you get the job you aim to work for. The education one receives that is relevant to the industry or field is important to be written here. Similarly, It must have most of the educational degree that you have acquired in the past that is relevant to the field or industry. The credentials and recommendations will help with the selection. Furthermore, The universities, the institute can sometimes be associated with the important contact of the hiring managers, which can be a plus point for yourself. Moreover, name, place, and the degree should be listed out properly. The components listed in the section are.

It must be precise, accurately include information like:

Name of the institute:

Full Name of the school, university, or college you attended along with the location

Degree / Course:

The degree and course that you obtained from the mentioned institute. E.g. BBA, High School, MBA, etc.


The tenure for which you undertook the course in the institute. E.g.BBA, 2013-2018

What are the Skills/Abilities/Qualities that will be important to list in an Officer Manager Resume Objective?

The skills and qualities signify the identity of the person. It is not only crucial to mention the skills and abilities to identify yourself. It is important to be relevant to the position as well. Furthermore, Not every job requires to have to manage the entire office. Similarly, It is quite a big job to apply for and there are expert skills involved. The employer would want the most skilled in this position since it has huge responsibilities associated with it.

The major skills are as follows;

  • Good Planning skills
  • Professional Organizational skills
  • Good directive skills
  • Staffing management skills
  • Coordinative skills
  • Accurate recording skills
  • Finance and Budget management skills
  • Good Evaluation skills.

The skills and qualities that will best reflect your personality must be enlisted out in the section. Your skills and qualities are the main elements that will help to give your identity. Similarly, The information regarding your skills will be very much helpful in proving your efficiency and responsibility.

Moreover, The skills will help to identify you as a suitable candidate for the post and show your capability here. In addition, you can include specific hard skills like Software skills including MS Office Suite, CRM Systems, etc. Your personal skills can be highlighted separately in the section of personal skills.

It can include your skills of communication, networking, team building, and active learning and coordination, energetic work attitude skills, and so on. This part of being included in your resume will boost up your personality as an individual. It must however be relevant to the position as an office manager.  

How do you write the portion of work experiences and career?

The segment is reflective of how much experienced you in the field are. The main thing that the employer will search in this segment will be the overall experiences you have had with the variety of the responsibilities you have been dealing with. Similarly, The more time you have worked in the field, the more will be the chance of selection among others for the position.

This part of the work experience must include the name various offices that you have foregone in the journey and will have worked in the time of the tenure. Furthermore, The part telling about your work experiences and the responsibilities associated with it gives an overview of your professional journey.

It helps to judge how much how long have you been involved in the related field. The work experiences that are vaguely like the post you apply must be only written. The more responsibilities you can reflect that match with the aim of their organization the more power you have to gain the positive thumbs-up of the employer. Moreover, The short reflection of yourself through the part in the resume objective will help you to gain a better candidate position in the eyes of the employer.

What are the responsibilities you can highlight specifically in the work experience?

There may be many responsibilities that match the different positions in the offices that you may have encountered within the office. But as an office manager position, it is crucial that you highlight the most relevant ones for the manager post. Some of the responsibilities can include.

  • Planned on the meetings to be held with the other forums and corporate offices
  • Organization and implementation of work processes and procedures
  • Staff training, management, and supervision
  • Directing the office staffs and work towards the designated goal
  • Coordinating with the communication internally and externally with the customers
  • Reporting and recording of the progress and follow up reports of the customers
  • Review and tracking of the activities and reports and key performances
  • Evaluating the overall management of the office quarterly and annually.

These can be some of the crucial points to focus while you address your responsibilities in the resume objective. In addition to this, there may also be specific responsibilities associated with office management like managing specific software, certain departments like Human Resource, accounting, IT, Operations, etc. Similarly, You can also mention them as briefly as possible.

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