Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions


The supervisor is one of the famous and very important positions in any of the business and corporate houses. In this article, we will discuss the top and mostly asked nursing supervisor interview questions.

Further, without the supervisor, it becomes really tough for the organization to keep an eye on how the work is going on. Also how the employees are performing and discharging their duties. Similarly, the supervisor plays a vital role in the growth and smooth running of any organization.

There are different types of supervisors such as the accounts supervisor, sales supervisor, production supervisor, marketing supervisor, and many more. Further, there can be different supervisor as per the department. But the major role of each department is a supervisory role itself.

If you are the one who is applying for the vacancy of the supervisor then this article is sure to help you in your interview and get through as well. Here are the most frequently asked nursing supervisor interview questions and answers. Also See: Job Description Nurse Practitioner

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1. Tell me about yourself?

Answer: This question is the most asked question in every interview that you will face. As per the reports discussed by the Sankalpa job associates, it is found that 95% of the employers or interviewer will ask you this question. Therefore, if you are the one who is waiting for the interview. So, get ready for this question. But wait a minute, this question is not as simple as it might sound it is. This is a very technical question. You can ruin your first impression in front of the employer if you don’t get this question right in front of the employers.

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Furthermore, while answering this question You have to keep it to the point. So that it does not sound arrogant to the interviewer. You can answer this question as my name is john. I live in the united states California. I am an MBA graduate with 6 years of experience as a supervisor in a particular MNC. You do not have to answer more than this in this particular question. The interviewer will ask you more questions about what they want to know about you.

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2. What are the aspects that are essential to be a good nursing supervisor?

Answer: By this question, the interviewer wants to know if you have the qualities that a supervisor requires. While answering this question you have to point out the important qualities that a supervisor should have. The important qualities of a good supervisor are as follows;

Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions
Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions

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  1. Good Communication along with interpersonal and verbal skills.
  2. Must supervise and assists the colleagues and juniors in the fulfillment of tasks and meet deadlines.
  3. Ability to resolve conflicts that may or might occur in the workplace.
  4. Longterm vision with a confident attitude.
  5. Able to delegate tasks properly to the staff after analyzing the skills, qualifications, and experiences of the staff.
  6. Sincere attitude towards the work.

These can be some of the important aspects that are essential to be a good supervisor. Further, you can also elaborate the same in your interview to get the desired results.

3. How long have you worked as a supervisor?

Answer: This is a very important question when it comes to nursing supervisor interview questions and answers. Experience plays an important role in any job that you do. Therefore, it becomes a matter of concern for the interviewer if you are the one who fits right for the job. If you have decent experience in a similar field then there are very few chances for you to get rejected. Hence, It is clear that experience plays a vital role to get a particular job.

Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions
Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions

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While answering this question you have to explain all the experience that you have earned in your past job. You must explain the name of the company that you have worked in. Along with the number of years you have worked in that company. It is important as well to explain your position and your responsibilities of work towards that company. Furthermore, While going for the interview look thoroughly at the job description of what the company needs for such a position. Further, prepare yourself in a similar way. The job description will help you do well in the interview as well.

4. Can you handle the work pressure in the right way?

Answer: This question judges your temperament towards the work. Since the Supervisor position can be a pressure position in many ways. You have to look after what the staff or workers are doing. Further, If they are no doing things right you have to teach them and correct their mistakes as well. So, You have to keep your mindset cool and work in a very nice way so that there does not stand any chances of mistakes.

Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions
Nursing Supervisor Interview Questions

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Therefore while answering this question you have to mention the following points in order to handle pressure in the right way;

  1. Practicing yoga, meditation, and exercises both for mental and physical health.
  2. Keeping an optimistic mindset.
  3. Learning the art of anger management.
  4. Keeping the proper checklist of every work that you do. So that no work is missed. Further, it aids in fulfilling the deadlines in time as well.

These are the best ways that will help to handle the work pressure. Regarding this question, you can mention these points which will surely increase your chances to get selected in the interview and get hired as well.

5. Do you think you have to handle the juniors in the right way?

Answer: Being in the position of a nursing supervisor it is very important that you have to handle the juniors in a proper way. Since the position of a supervisor is a senior-level position. The fact you have to lead the team and handle the juniors cannot be ignored. Therefore, while hiring the candidate in the position of a nursing supervisor it is a matter of concern for the employer if one is capable to lead the team from the front or not. So while answering this question you have to impress the employers and showcase your talent that you can lead and manage the team in the right way.

Therefore, while answering this question you have quote the following points on the best way to handle the juniors;

  1. Proper delegation of work among every individual on the basis of their academics, skills, qualification, dedication, and sincerity.
  2. Motivating them by the means of positive motivation(Salary increment, bonuses, refreshments, etc) and negative motivation(demotion, deduction of salary, etc) factors.
  3. Communication and timely coordination along with sharing the views. This will help you to know what the employee is thinking about the job.
  4. Praising their good work. So that they are motivated to do more good works and deliver in the right way.

6. How well can you handle the criticism from the higher authority?

Answer: Being in the position of a supervisor there might be a situation when the senior-most member of the company can criticize your work. There might be a condition when you will make mistakes. Further, You should be capable enough to handle those criticisms in a nice way and positively. So, you have to mention some good points on how can you manage such a situation. Some points below might help you.

Here are the following ways to handle the criticism from the higher authority in the work place;

  1. To take such criticism in a professional way only. Try not to make it personal.
  2. Find the actual reason why the seniors or higher authorities have criticized you.
  3. Take it in a positive way such that these are the criticisms and the mistakes that you make helps you to grow both personally as well as professionally.
  4. Take things lightly. Stop assuming the things and further do not think too much.

Summing it up,

These were the top and mostly asked nursing supervisor interview questions and answers that are asked in the interview. Further, prepare and read these multiple times before heading for the interview. This will surely be asked and further help you to boost your confidence as well.

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