Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions


Are you the one looking for the top and the best nurse practitioner interview questions along with the answers then you are in the right place. These questions and answers below will help you to get amazing results. Further, get the job that you are seeking.

Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

1. Why have you chosen to pursue your career as a nurse practitioner?

Answer: One of the most important parts of human life is good health. The nurse provides the service that is required to sustain the health by nurturing them. When the interviewer asks this important question, they want to know about your dedication and passion to work. You must tell them that you were always keen on social work and are inspired to serve the people and help them in any possible way.

Give them realistic examples referring to your past experiences of doing social work which is not related to the nursing profession as well. You must make sure that you tell them about your dedication to serve and work for the welfare of the people. Tell them, ‘I believe the motive of my life is to work for the welfare of the people and the satisfaction of my life lies upon the satisfaction and well-being of the people.

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2. Tell something about yourself that makes you more unique than other candidates?

Answer: The interviewer is in search of your strengths and qualities. Since the question is quite specific rather than beating around the bush just list out some of your particularly good qualities. They can include qualities like good-natured, good communication skills, patience, calm and helpful, friendly, hardworking, responsible, and tactful.

Make sure you do not mislead them with the wrong information. Tell them positively that the other candidates may also have some unique characteristics. But you think that you have the necessary qualities that a nurse should have. If you have a history of working, it is a plus point. If you are a fresher tell them that you have the passion and are determined to work as your interest.

You cannot forget the fact that you must mention the ability to empathize which is a unique character that a person seldom possesses.

3. What will you do when you must make some tough decisions regarding the patient’s care?

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Answer: While in the course of the work as a nurse, it is important you become a good decision maker and make some quick and tough decisions. It may be a challenge to deal with your emotions while taking in the tough decisions associated with patient care. This must be wisely answered as it is the test question for your ability to hold yourself emotionally.

Often a decision becomes tough when the case is sensitive enough or you are emotionally attached to the patient. You must answer this keeping your emotions in control. Tell them that you are capable to stabilize your emotions and make the decisions that will be right and not flow with emotions.

4. How will you take a criticism made by your higher authority?

Answer: As a nurse practitioner, you must work under some higher authorities like the doctors and experienced physicians. There will be times when your ideas do not get along with each other and there will be criticism from the doctor. Especially if you are a fresher, there are bound to be some disparities.

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The interviewer wants to check if you are a one to create unnecessary conflict or take the suggestions in an optimistic way. You must choose to answer this with much positivity reflected as possible. Tell them that you always take criticism as an opportunity to improve. Similarly, will work on accommodating the improved ways rather than argue back.

Support your answer with examples. In my previous job, I had been criticized by the senior doctor for not attending properly to some specific patient. Since it was my first experience I felt a bit sad about being told off. But I respected his suggestion and took good care to attend all the patients. Later I was promoted as well to a higher position for my good services.

5. How will you manage your personal and professional life?

Answer: Being a nurse is not quite an easy task and it becomes sometimes a challenge to manage personal and professional life. Be sure to address this question with your qualities of multi-tasking and adjustment. They want to hear that you will not let your personal life hinder your professional life.

Tell them you will be able to prioritize your work but also be honest to tell them that if required you will attend to your personal needs with permissions and necessary adjustments.

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If you are just a starter it will be good to tell them that you will give priority to work. Do not try extremely hard to convince them by giving irrelevant examples of your prior experience where you balanced the personal and professional life well.

In addition, you have to also make sure that you give an answer. I am aware of the priority of a nurse in the hospital. Similarly, I will first attend to my duties as a nurse. And in case of emergency to meet my personal needs I will cover it up and then only attend to my personal needs.

6. In a situation when there is some unethical behavior in your workplace, how will you tackle the situation?

Answer: The circumstances of having chaos among the faculty members or the patient may occur occasionally in the health institute where you work. There may be needed to intervene during those times when some unethical behaviors lead to such kind of a problematic situation.

The interviewer here wants to check whether you can tackle a situation with quick decisions or not. You must answer this as tactfully as possible. Tell them that you may not be exactly able to control the situation on your own. But first of all, you will ensure that the patient at the hospital is not disturbed by the hassle. Further tackle the person or problem in private.

So, do not leave out the fact saying, in need of assistance you will also try to coordinate with the concerned authority. Further, keep in check the standards of the workplace too.

7. How will you convince a patient who keeps on persisting for an unnecessary medication?

Answer: Sometimes a patient tends to act like they are their own doctor. It will not be a surprise if a state comes up where a patient persists on taking some medication that they feel is required by them. The patient is likely to insist on some known medications that they have been currently using for a certain time.

In this case, you need to especially focus on answering with, I will first try to convince the patient that the medication. That they are persisting isn’t really necessary. If it does not work out, I will tell them that I will talk with the doctor to decide whether to give the medication or not. As a nurse, you will not hold the authority to administer any medication thus keeping in mind the standards you must answer them wisely.

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8. Can you tell us about your team working skills?

Answer: As a nurse there seldom may come the time to interact much with other fellow colleagues due to hectic schedules. But during major times there will be a situation of having to work in collaboration as a team.

The interviewer will want a good cooperative person in the team who will be able to blend in with others easily. And will not try working independently. Do tell them that you have a good team spirit with a sociable attitude. Your previous examples working in a team can include some referring to times of a major operation. Where the teamwork and timing counts a lot and will help you more to support your answer.

Do not make the mistake of saying that you like to work with likeminded people and do not get along well with the seniors. If you have any history of good teamwork and approval do not fail to mention it. For example, it could be that some senior authorities praised you or recommended you. You will have better chances of being hired.

9. Why do you specifically want to work for this health care center?

Answer: One of the most common questions is this one which is asked at almost all the interviews. And as the answer should reflect your interest and their prestige. There are several other health institutes as well. You must be researched about some specific qualities of that place. Try to gather as much information and answer confidently that.

I have chosen this institute because it has been well known for its good service. Further, I am dedicated and feel that every individual has a right to pursue good service. Since there are more patients flow here. I want to contribute to their welfare. Make sure you do not drift along with your answers by extending your answer too much by putting in high praise of the health institute.

Do not exactly criticize other institutes and answer in lines of. Though the other institutes are also providing services to their ability. This particular institute has been in my interest and so it seems to be in the interest and need of the public. Keep a positive answer while you mention the other workplaces.

10. Are you willing to work beyond your hours if required?

Answer: This is a major test of your commitment quality towards your work and quality of hard work. Tell them honestly at the very beginning if you have some major personal reasons. That will not allow you to do overtime. But tell them this with an optimistic note that you will dedicate yourself well during the normal time.

Otherwise answering this with Yes I have always considered a nurse is an important part of the hospital. And our service is more valuable for the patients and I am ready to attend additional hours at work. If needed so that I can take care of the patients and aid their recovery.

The interviewer wants to check if you can commit. You must tell them that you believe your work comes first. And you are committed to working hard for the sake of yourself and the patients.

11. Share about some of the lessons you have learned as a nurse practitioner.

Answer: It is a sort of open-ended question and the interviewer is trying to know both the positive and negative aspects of your journey as a nurse practitioner. You must tell them about some of your major achievements and failures amongst all others with realistic examples.

Some examples may include times of your achievements. A good relationship with the patients has helped to make you and the patient happier. A time when your senior authority had praised you. Or recommended you if you had any promotion make sure to mention that as well.

In case of failures, you can refer to the times of having to face a patient loss. You had to cope up with your emotions during your fresher times. A situation of hectic time during an emergency where the decision making was confusing and chaotic, etc.

The trivial achievements like with peers and family can be left out. Make sure while you mention the failures tell them that you have learned. The lessons and are working on them to not repeat the same mistakes if you have made. Or have learned to deal with similar situations if it arises at any point.

12. How will you deal with a patient’s family or the patient themselves who is upset?

Answer: The hardest task of the nurse and health providers is while dealing with a sad, upset patient or their family. This situation calls for a high level of need to empathize with their feelings and respect their sadness. You must be able to tell the interviewer that you can handle your own emotions. Along with empathizing with the upset family member or the patient themselves.

You can also tell them that you have run into similar situations. Referring to some former experience highlighting a condition of the chronic disease that becomes a cause of sadness amongst most people. Answer this with a soft-spoken tone as much as possible, and tell them that you have dealt with similar situations.

Not only just in professional life but also in personal life and you know how to deal with them well.

13. What are some of your weaknesses and how do you intend to improve them?

Answer: This is like a trick question where the interviewer is trying to bring out your weak points. Referring to strong weakness points like anger issues, failure of organizing. Easily irritable nature of yourself may earn you a losing point in getting selected. Just stick to the general weakness that most people also possess.

Some examples will be including hard skills like computer skills, mathematics, and finance that are not necessarily associated with a nurse practitioner’s job. Being too honest always for sometimes you may need to lie to convince a patient for medication, public speaking, taking risks, and so on. Do not just flow out the weakness at random, be well prepared to list out some weakness that is not necessary for the job.

But do put in one or two like trying to help too many patients, humor, etc.

14. Where do you see yourself in the upcoming 3 years’ time?

Answer: This may not be asked but if asked, it will prove to be a significant one. They want to know about your loyalty and whether you will frequently change your job. Or will stay put in the same workplace. While you want to answer this with, a good house, married life, and such realistic views its better you. Answer this with I see myself in the upcoming years working for the welfare of the people in this hospital.

Where I will get to experience the changing environment of health and learn more as a nurse. Also, you can mention that you see yourself being promoted to a higher post that will surely earn you a smile from the interviewer. You need to stick to the fact that you will be responsible and will be committed to serving in the same place.

They will not like the fact to learn that you will be changing your job station to another fine hospital or institute if you get a chance.

15. What do you expect from the services of this institution?

Answer: These questions aim to know what your interests are and are trying to get some recommendations for themselves. You must answer this holistically and not be bound to your personal needs and aspirations.

Tell them that you feel they have been managing all their staff extremely well and up till now you have no expectation personally. Yet you can add that it will be better if they will be able to expand their infrastructure since the patient flow is comparatively higher than the other institutes. It will be effective if you answer this with a positive note.

Summing it up,

These were the best and the mostly asked nurse practitioner interview questions that will help you much in your interviews. A small piece of advice before wrapping it up is read the above questions and answers multiple times before stepping in the interview room. Most of these questions will surely cross your way.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

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