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Today’s world and 99% of the business is dependent on marketing. But, Getting away with a marketing job is not easy. So, here are some of the marketing interview questions that will help you to pass marketing and sales interview.

Marketing interview questions

General marketing questions

The general questions that are asked in the marketing interview are as follows;

  1. What is the main reason of choosing this company?
  2. What is your goal in the next 5 years towards your career?
  3. Why marketing as your career?
  4. What are your experiences in marketing?

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What do you mean by marketing?

Answer: Marketing activities are part of everyday life. All types of organizations need marketing. However, Marketing has gained a great deal of importance in modern organizations to achieve objectives. Organizational success depends on marketing ability. Above all, To the general public, marketing is selling products. However, selling is only part of marketing. Above all, Marketing satisfies customer needs. As a result, It creates value for customers. Marketing is demand management. This is the most important marketing interview questions.

Marketing stimulates demand for products. along with this, it helps to find out customer’s needs. Moreover, It decides what products should be offered to satisfy their needs. Similarly, It matches products with customers’ needs. But Marketing concerns not only with attracting customers but however with retaining customers. Therefore, It is carried on long after the customer has bought the product. As a result, It aims to develop long term relationships with customers. To clarify, Marketing identifies and satisfies human and social needs to achieve organizational objectives.

marketing interview questions

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Explain the selling concept of marketing

Answer: The focus of this concept is selling. To clarify, It holds that customers should be persuaded for buying through aggressive selling and promotion efforts. This concept has the following features;

  1. Selling orientation of the organization. It aims at satisfying the seller’s needs. It focuses on products. Moreover, it aims to sell what is made. This concept works on the concept of selling what they are making. Above all, The starting point is the factory.
  2. Aggressive selling, promotion, and advertising are in order to attract the potential amount of customers.
  3. Above all, Pushing the products in the market for high and increased sales volume.
  4. There is no concern for the customer needs in this concept. Further, Sellers’ needs are important and it emphasized as well.
  5. The high sales volume needs to profit. Therefore, Profit is made through high sales volume.
Marketing interview questions

Significance of the marketing information system ( MIS)

Answer: The significance of marketing information system as as follows;

  1. Marketing Planning: Marketing information system helps marketing to predetermine future courses of actions. Above all, It most importantly sets objectives and standards of performance of marketing planning. So, Marketing opportunities for competitive advantage can be identified. Similarly, Strategic plans can be prepared. However, Segmentation can be done effectively. Consequently, Nonprice competition can be planned. Therefore, Marketing mixes can be formulated.
  2. Marketing Programme implementation: The marketing information system aids the implementation of the cycle, pricing, and non-pricing strategies of the competitors in target segments.
  3. Marketing control: Marketing information system facilitates continuous monitoring of marketing performance for timely corrective actions. So, Deviations can be analyzed and corrected.
  4. Market Coverage: Marketing information system provides information to increase market coverage. Hence, It can be single or multiple segment coverage. Since It can ve product or market specializations. Marketing information also helps to create wants.
  5. Environmental Adaptation: The marketing information system provides information about changes in trends and events in the environmental forces. Above all, This helps organizations to identify opportunities and face threats. Moreover, They can adapt to the changing environment. Further, New technology can be adopted. As a result, Environment scanning and monitoring can be done.
  6. Marketing Decision Making: Marketing information system aids organizations to make marketing decisions. Therefore, It helps them to understand the problem, identify and evaluate alternatives, and to make a choice. It provides information support for decision making. Moreover, It closes the information gap.
  7. Marketing Concept Implementation: Marketing information system is a must to implement the new marketing concept. Similarly, Customer orientation in the target market is possible only if the information is available about customers in the segments.
marketing interview questions

Technical marketing interview questions

Difference between Strategic and Operational Decision

Answer: This is important when it comes to Technical marketing interview questions. The strategic decision can be distinguished from operational decisions in the following ways;

  1. On the basis of magnitude; Strategic decisions are big decisions and affect the whole organization or a large part whereas operational decisions are regular decisions that generally affect only a part of the organization.
  2. On the basis of time-scale; Strategic decisions set the direction for the organization over the medium to long-term whereas operational decisions direct the organization for a short period usually less than one year.
  3. On the basis of reversibility; Strategic decisions cannot be reversed easily whereas operational decisions can be reverses in a reasonable way.
  4. On the basis of risk; Since strategic decisions are big decisions they involve high risk. whereas operational decisions are regular in nature, they generally involve lower risk.
  5. On the basis of outsourcing; Strategic decisions are sensitive decisions. Hence, they do not outsource but operational decisions may be outsourced.
Marketing interview questions

Meaning and components of strategic plan;

Answer: A strategic plan is related to the long-range planning of an organization. Above all, It provides direction to the organization over a long period of time. However, It aims at the growth and development of an organization. Moreover, It has different components as given below;

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Objective
  4. Strategy
marketing interview questions

What do you know about the swot analysis?

Answer: SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT analysis is one of the important steps in formulating a strategy. Moreover, It presents the information about the external and internal environment in a structured way by which the key external opportunities and threats can be compared systematically with internal capabilities and weaknesses. Further, The main purpose of SWOT analysis is to identify the extent to which the current strategy of an organization and its strengths and weakness are relevant to deal with a dynamic environment. Therefore, It can also be used to assess whether there are unique resources or core competencies within the organization to exploit the opportunities.

B2B marketing interview questions

What do you mean by Group Interaction?

Answer: Group is a collection of two or more members of the common objective to perform activities. However, Members have common interests and requirements. Above all, Members interact and discuss with each other to achieve their goals. This is the top one when it comes to b2b marketing interview questions. Moreover, It is not a random collection of people but it is composed of people with close interrelationships who share information occupy certain roles who discuss among each other and cooperate and respect one another.

Features of group work are as follows;

  1. Common Goal
  2. Similar Interest
  3. Group norm and standard
  4. Group Values
  5. Strong Leadership Role
  6. Group Structure

Sales and marketing interview questions and answers

How do Team and Team Work work for the company?

Answer: The team is a collection of two or more members for a specific team goal. Moreover, All members of the team perform activities to achieve goals jointly through a synergic effect. Above all, The team members interact and influence each other in achieving team goals. Therefore, The team also focuses on high output. However, It is the sum of individual input. To clarify, It is based on togetherness. Similarly, All members are mutually responsible and accountable for any types of the result of a team.

This the very important for Sales and marketing interview questions and answers.

TEAM Stands For;

T means Togetherness

E means Everyone

A means accomplishment or achieves

M means More

What effective team must have?

Answer: These features the effective must have;

  1. Agreement on objectives.
  2. Agreement on procedures and methods.
  3. Ability to cooperate rather than compete.
  4. Ability to motivate members.
  5. Sharing of a leadership role.
  6. Mutual responsibility and achievement.
  7. Synergic result
  8. The optimal size of members.
  9. Team-based reward.
  10. Ability to control conflict.

Advantages of working in a team for an organization?

  1. Effective Decision-making abilities.
  2. Increase in sources of information.
  3. New alternatives and ideas.
  4. Environmental adaptation.
  5. Synergic result.
  6. The motivation of members.
  7. Increase in communication skills of members.
  8. Easy to reduce the workload of top-level.
  9. Good culture in an organization.
  10. Safety
  11. Statue
  12. Affiliation
  13. Achievement
  14. Fulfillment of social needs
  15. Learning Opportunity

Marketing specialist interview questions

What is promotion?

Answer: Promotion is a persuasive communication of marketer and seller to buyers in the target market. In addition, It is communicating to buyers about the information about product, price, and place. Furthermore, It is stimulating buyers and managing their willingness about the product through communication techniques and promotion efforts. Moreover, It also creates awareness and desires in the mind of customers about goods and services.

This is the good one Marketing specialist interview questions.

Marketing interview questions

Objectives of promotion are;

  1. Informing
  2. Reminding
  3. Reinforcing
  4. Persuading
  5. Image building

What is personal Selling?

Answer: It is face to face communication or personal communication between buyer and seller for exchanging the product. However, In this either buyer comes to sellers store or seller goes to buyers place. Above all, It is fone for persuading buyers to buy a product through personal visits as well as face to face interaction, negotiation, and bargaining. Moreover, It has the following features such as personal communication, persuasion of buyers, face to face communication, relationship marketing.

marketing interview questions

How will you do indoor personal selling?

  1. Draw the attention of the buyer ( Beautiful signboard, attractive colors and well-dressed staffs)
  2. Warm Welcome ( Welcoming to buyers in-store through a smile and asking about either hot or cold drink according to business and product)
  3. Knowing need politely and listening to customer need.
  4. Presentation of product varieties with price, features, and functions.
  5. Handling objections and confusion of buyers about products.
  6. Dosing the sell ( Exchanging product with financial value, providing small gift item and giving initiation with a smile to visit again)

How will you do outdoor personal selling?


  1. Identifying prospects ( Potential buyers and their location).
  2. Pre approach ( collecting more information about them to contact)
  3. Approach ( Contracting prospects and visiting them at their location)
  4. Presentation of the product.
  5. Handling objections
  6. Closing the sale.
  7. Follow – Up ( Calling to the customer after some days/week to know performance feedback as well as to collect additional demand or product)

Common Marketing Questions

How is sales promotion done?

Answer: Sales promotion refers to short term incentives and benefits offered by sellers and marketers to buyers in the market. In other words, It is done for quicker and greater purchase response of buyers as a response as well as to increase sales volume within a short period of time. So, it consists set of tools, techniques, strategies, and schemes used and offered to buyers, middlemen, and sales force in the market for a greater purchase transaction.

marketing interview questions

How sales promotion promotes the marketing of products and services?

Answer: In the following ways the sales promotion promotes the marketing of products and services.

  1. The attraction of new consumers and members.
  2. Retention of existing or old consumers and members.
  3. Greater purchase volume.
  4. Introduction of a new product.
  5. Exhibition and display management.
  6. Carry and push new brands.
  7. Offset competitive pressure.
  8. The motivation of salesforce.
  9. Retention of the salesforce.
  10. Distribution of new products.

How will you maintain public relation?

Answer: It is developing good relations with the public and changing their attitude, feeling, thinking towards the organization and its product. But It focuses on the welfare and well being of public participation in public activities, donation, charity, sponsor to public programs, etc. Similarly, It is a technique of developing good relations with parties interested in organizations’ activities, performances, and products. However, It promotes company image in society and among interested groups.

marketing interview questions

Objectives of public relation

  1. To announce a new product.
  2. Announce new technology.
  3. New methods and procedures announcing.
  4. To build interest in the existing products.
  5. To manage counter to negative publicity.

How will you do public relation?

  1. Media relation method.
  2. Press release.
  3. Press conference.
  4. Article Publication.

Do you know the concept of Strategic Alliance?

Answer: A strategic alliance is a contractual agreement or partnership tie-up between two or more firms of the environment for a short term period of time. Meanwhile, It is short term agreement either by investing equity investment or without any equity investment for achieving a mutual objective or fulfilling mutual interest. Likewise, It is designed for sharing core values, benefits, and core capabilities among each other. Similarly, Now it is popular in service industries, especially in airlines, hotels, and travels.

marketing interview questions

Resources used in forming alliances;

  1. Resource Exploitation.
  2. List benefit.
  3. Value benefit.
  4. Market access.
  5. Co-specialization.
  6. Risk management.
  7. Learning opportunity.
  8. Sharing of technology and resources.

Marketing Interview Questions

What are the requirements of an effective and successful alliance?

Answer: The requirements of an effective and successful alliance are as follows;

  1. Support for Top Management.
  2. Formation under organizational arrangements.
  3. The environment of trust.
  4. Performance of expectation.
  5. Strong interpersonal relations.
  6. Change oriented.

What are the scopes of Strategic Alliance?

  1. Buyer to Buyer Alliance.
  2. Buyer to Seller Alliance.
  3. Seller to Seller Alliance.
  4. Alliance to block new entry.
  5. Alliance to block gain entry.
  6. Share work and resources.

Explain the details of marketing strategies in the introduction stage?


  1. Small product line and mix strategy.
  2. Limited varieties of products.
  3. Either high or low price according to nature and type of product.
  4. Selected distribution trough limited outlets.
  5. Encouraging trial purchase or distributing free samples.
  6. High increment in advertising and sales promotion.
  7. Price on the basis of the cost-plus method.
  8. An innovative product in marketing, etc.

Explain the details of marketing strategies in the growth stage?

  1. Rapid growth in sales and revenue.
  2. Growth in market demand that means product is accepted by market.
  3. Product in purchased by opinion leaders.
  4. Entry of competitors
  5. Objective is increaseing sales volume and distributing product in new segments.

Explain the details of marketing strategies in the maturity stage?

  1. Modification of product
  2. Aggressive distribution.
  3. Price based on competition.
  4. Reduce advertising.
  5. Increase in sales promotion.
  6. Increasing product mix and line.
  7. Increase dealer commission.

Explain the details of marketing strategies in the decline stage?

  1. Reduce product line and mix.
  2. Reduction in bran value and market size.
  3. Elimination of un-profitable segments,
  4. Either higher or lower price.
  5. Less emphasis on all promotional tools.
  6. Market research and survey for a new product.
  7. Reduction in the distribution channel.

What do you understand by the Greenmarket or Green marketing?

Answer: It is the form of marketing for maintaining greenery in society for managing sustainable development for the next generation and for minimizing global warming. For the protection of the ozone layer and for the plantation of trees. Most importantly, It is an environment-friendly marketing system that focuses on eco-friendly packaging systems, which ultimately focuses on eco-friendly promotion. along with control of pollution through marketing efforts.

It considers the environmental consequences of marketing activities with environmental responsibility. Above all, It also allows us to contributes to environmental sustainability. Moreover, It explains environmental awareness among consumers and business people. Similarly, This concept was developed from the earth summit conference held in 1992 ar Rio de Janeiro.

marketing interview questions

The major point that are included in green marketing are as follows;

  1. Environmental friendly marketing.
  2. Green think and green responsibility.
  3. Consideration of the environmental consequences of marketing.
  4. Consumer awareness about green marketing.

Requirements of Green Marketing

  1. Commitment
  2. Legal Framework
  3. Control of pollution
  4. Advancement of new technologies
  5. Consumer consciousness

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