Interview Questions For Receptionist


The receptionist or the front desk officer is an integral part of the organization. The receptionist provides and helps the people that come in a particular company or organization to solve their questions and queries, manage people, and coordinate with the phone calls. Furthermore, here are the best interview questions for receptionist.

Interview questions for receptionist

1. Will you be able to communicate with people? Tell me about the communication skills needed that is required.

Answer: Communication is one of the most important qualities that a receptionist should have. Since the primary work of the receptionist is to communicate with the clients and receive calls. It is prominent that the receptionist has very fine communication skills in order to communicate effectively. Along with the callers and clients to the organization and answer all their pressing without communication skills.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

The receptionist will be like a vehicle without wheels to roll on. The person at the reception must be able to communicate, disseminate information, and interact well with the customers and all the clients. The question seeks to know what qualities and how much can you blend in with the public.

To answer this question, it’s necessary to focus on your communication skills. Let them know that you know about the importance of communication skills while working as a receptionist and you also have them. For example, ‘I am an enthusiastic person and can easily talk and respond to the people well. I have good verbal as well as written communication skills which are very necessary for this job. This is further the most important interview questions for receptionist.

I can manage to communicate with the fluent speaking ability with the people and address their concerns and queries. In addition to this, I also have good writing skills and my ability to take notes and information is also quite accurate.’ Also, you must not fail to mention if you know any additional languages that increase the chances of being recruited even more.

You must make them assured that you will be able to interact. And deal with people well with your verbal skills either on the phone or in person.


The skills required for good communication skills as a receptionist is to talk fluently in both English language and the locally speaking languages, greeting people with a smile, proper interaction, and proper planning.

2. Will you be able to handle multiple phone lines at the same time?

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Answer: This is a very important question when it comes to interview questions for receptionist. One important part of the work for a receptionist is handling the phone calls. Several people are uncomfortable while talking on their phones and are not sure what to speak. While they cannot see the person in the face. The receptionist will have to deal with different customers who will seek different information.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

Also, there may be many different phone lines and sometimes two of the lines may be called in simultaneously. You must answer this with a yes and put ahead of your qualities of multi-tasking and adaptation. Try to answer this by giving some prior experience while handling the phone calls. Give an example of when the time was quite busy.

And you managed to give different information on different phone lines. One after another addressing the queries of the customers. Do not forget to tell them that you have a good multitasking ability and have also been able to do it personally. Doing two works at a time is not a challenge for you and can efficiently manage the work. You can also add up the fact about good verbal communication skills. Be prepared when it comes to interview questions for receptionist.


Being a receptionist it is very important that you should handle the multiple phone lines. So, the employer asks you this question since handling phones is very important.

3. What will you do in a situation when you will have some confidential information about the customer?

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Answer: Being in the job of a receptionist is not an easy task. There will be much information that would be needed to be given and taken. Among which some may be highly confidential as well.

For a receptionist, is it not only enough to have the skill of giving information accurately. But also the information shared by the customer or client should be kept confidential. This is the mostly asked interview questions for receptionist.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

This question aims to know if you are trustworthy enough. The question not only targets the customer confidentiality. But also your quality of trustworthiness that will be an asset to the company/office. You must answer this question with much emphasis on being able to maintain confidentiality related to the information shared to you.

You can also tell them that you will manage the situation by discussing it with the associated or concerned authority. If the information is needed to be shared and will consult with the client themselves as well. Make sure you tell them that you have the quality of being responsible. And you are capable to maintain respect for the customer and the office too. This will be surely asked for interview questions for receptionist.


Being a receptionist you will get confidential information from the customers. In such a case you will have to keep such information secretly and it should not be shared with outsiders.

4. What type of computer skills does a receptionist need that you possess?

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Answer: This is the critical question when it comes to interview questions for receptionist. Computer literacy is a must to stand out as a good receptionist! The job is not just to relay the information verbally through phones, there is more to than just attending the phone calls!

They are trying to enquire about your skills related to using the computer and soft skills. You must answer this by telling them about the basics of Microsoft Office and your typing ability. If you do not know about your typing speed. Then honestly let them know and tell them that you will take an online test soon and send in the results.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

The interviewer will be more satisfied if you can present them with examples of some software. You have knowledge about and can tell them, for example,’ I have been using the Microsoft office tools for various documentation. Also, I use the Google sheets and Docs along with Microsoft calendaring and so on.’


Being a reception you should know how to operate the computer. Computer skills such as Microsoft office packages, keyword shortcuts, google docs, google spreadsheets will do the thing.

Receptionist Interview Questions And Answers

5. How many years of experience do you have as a receptionist? Why should we select you among others?

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Answer: The job of being a receptionist may sound easy, but it is not so. There is more than just sitting on the front desk of an office directing the customers and clients. An organization seeks an experienced person to introduce the office which is the main task of a receptionist. The question wants to know about your prior job as a receptionist. This is sure and short when you talk about the receptionist interview questions and answers.

If you have told them how many and whereas well so that they can check if they want to ensure the validity. But if you are a fresher then tell them that you are determined and will be able to handle the job well.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

For the second part, they are testing your knowledge of how much you know about the qualities needed to be a receptionist. As you can see, being a receptionist is not only about just being a good note taker and having good communication skills. They must also have certain behavioral features like openminded, sociable, friendly, empathic, diligent, responsible, empathetic, patient, and in control of their emotions and actions.

While responding you must enlist your good skills and qualities but should not exaggerate them. They may ask you to give some examples of certain qualities and the strengths and must be well prepared for that as well.

Make sure you are well dressed while going in for the interview which will add plus points to the observational interview. The qualities like being committed and customer service oriented should not be missed out!


Experience matters a lot in case you want any sort of job. If you have previous experience in the field of the receptionist then it is 90% sure that you will get this job.

5. How will you manage to keep personal and office work organized?

Answer: This is an important question for receptionist interview questions and answers. The ability to plan and organize your tasks well is a core competency for a receptionist. A receptionist must deal with several demands and the ability to organize the tasks. Furthermore, prioritize accordingly is a quality that is a must in the individual.

They want to know what strategies you will use to tackle the situation of having to organize several tasks at the same time. Ranging from phone calls to documentation and attending to the customers. You can answer this by outlining them about keeping an organizer, jotting down the important works, and carrying out the works accordingly.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

You can also give some examples like how you have a habit of making schedules on the calendars. Setting reminders on the google calendar that helps you to track the activities and deadlines or important events at a certain time.


It is very important to organize the office work and personal work accordingly.

5. How will you deal with an upset or an irritated customer/ client?

Answer: Clients and customers are the main elements while working as a receptionist. You must be able to serve the customer well and present your empathetic nature while dealing with them. Further, These are the top receptionist interview questions and answers. Sometimes situations arise where you must deal with clients and customers who are upset, angry, irritated, impatient, and many more. 

But the main thing is as a receptionist it is your duty that you remain calm and patient. Nobody favors a person who answers and responds irritated. Especially a receptionist is expected to address the queries and guide the customers to their needs in an office.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

For this, the interviewer wants to know if you will be able to handle the situation with patience or not. If you have not told them in your strength about remaining patient, this is the question for it. Answer the question with, β€˜In this situation, I will listen to the customer and will try to find out the reason troubling them or why they might be upset. Then with quick decisions, I will tackle their queries and tr calming them.’

The interviewer wants to know about your ability to remain calm in such situations. Do not lie if you have a hard time managing your emotions. But you can reframe it by telling that you are working. That has been able to manage your emotions and empathize, people, whether face to face or through the tone of their voice.


In case any customer or client is rude. Then you have to take care of them in a light and gentle voice. Try and understand the problem and then resolve the issues.

6. Why have you decided to choose this office to work for as a receptionist?

Answer: There are always several offices mushrooming every day that carries a variety of functions. Every office, organization requires reception and help desk which will give the main information about the office. Naturally, the interviewer is curious to know your reason for choosing the office.

There is a need to have a basic knowledge about the place you have chosen to work for. They want to know how much determined you are to be committed to working there as a receptionist. Though it may be just a source of earning some money. For them, it is a matter of prestige as you will be the one to represent their entire office or organization. Similarly, this is the must when it comes to receptionist interview questions and answers.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

Before the interview, you must know where you are applying and what you are required to do. The job of all the receptionist is not the same and therefore there may be additional needs that the office seeks for while recruiting. The answer to this question is to tell them what you have researched about the company before applying.

You must not make it sound like you chose it at random. Refer to some other similar kinds of offices. Similarly, tell that among the others this office suited best for your ability and is much better in the works, policies than others.

Surely a few harsh words from an outsider will not hurt! They want to know through your answer about where they stand as a competitor and you give them just that. Plus, they also want to see whether you are determined enough to work with dedication. Also keep the name of their office or not. Thus, this is an important question that will be the key to your job.


There is always similar reasons to apply for a particular job or to a particular company. Tell them the reason which is viable in those situations.

7. What is the receptionist’s role in a customer’s first impression of an organization or office?

Answer: As you know, the reception is the one where you head for after you enter the office or to know about any office it is the reception that you contact. The receptionist has an especially important role to represent the entire organization, forum, or office. When at the reception desk, a customer forms a judgment of the entire office or organization based on the receptionist’s outlook.

If the customer is not satisfied with the receptionist, the information obtained from the reception they may not further initiate to take any service.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

Thus, it is important that as a receptionist you must make your first impression good ad appreciative. For this, you have to yourself be in a presentable state while attending the interview. Being well dressed, with a smart appearance without many flashy outfits must be worn. That will be a point to be considered while you answer this question verbally as well.

To answer this you have to tell them that a good appearance is a foremost thing to be a receptionist. Supporting it with the fact that you consider always dress up appropriately and smartly and do not like being unorganized in your outlooks. It also emphasizes on the maintenance of a friendly yet professional nature while dealing with the clients. Be prepared for receptionist interview questions and answers this question is sure to come.

Tell them that you have a friendly attitude and have confidence in the way you interact. Also let them know you will be able to properly disseminate the right and appropriate information. The clients seek for since you know about the company, office, or organization you are working for.

In case of the phone calls and attending to the clients through the verbal lines, you must give examples of being soft-spoken and patient along with being a good listener. you must mention that you are good at communicating through the phones and can understand the need of the customer and client even through the phone.


In this condition, the receptionist must welcome the people by greeting them with a smile on the face. Such that it would be easier for them to go for further proceedings for the reason they are there in the office.

8. What kind of relations in an office should a receptionist maintain with other colleagues?

Answer: A receptionist undoubtedly mostly stays on the main deck and has rare interaction with the other staff members and authorities. Yet it is important that you feel you are a part of the team and work with unity. The quality of being sociable and maintaining integrity is what the interviewer wants to hear from you.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

The answer to this question must be on the lines that you are a sociable person and friendly natured. Your capability to maintain a good relationship with the members and work in collaboration aligning with the policies of the office must be highlighted. 

The interviewer should be assured that you can work independently as per the office code of conducts but also you have the tendency to maintain collaboration and be a team person.


Being at the front desk it is the responsibility of the receptionist to maintain a healthy relationship with every colleague and senior in the office.

9. Will you be willing to work overtime if the situation arises?

Answer: Sometimes one of the requirements of a receptionist than other staff in an office includes working overtime and under pressure. There may be a time for the organization when the busy schedules and high peak of work hang around.

The receptionist may be needed to attend to the clients who are important to be addressed that can help to benefit the company and office. The Interview question is targeting to know your commitment, time management, and ability to work under pressure.

Interview Questions For Receptionist

Convincing them and assuring that you have wisely chosen the job and is not for just the sake of utilizing your free time, the answer must speak about your commitment towards taking the company or office to a better position. Following the standards and working as per the need and making compromises needs to be highlighted. Interview questions of receptionist.

Also, not to forget you need to tell that you can balance your personal life and professional life and are willing to do so. But, do not give a dishonest answer and make them doubt your loyalty quality by lying about your ability to work under pressure. If you cannot let them know honestly and tell them that you are working on to balance the weakness.


There might be a condition that is uncertain and arises in the office. Therefore, you must be flexible with the question and say Yes I can work overtime in the condition arises.

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Summing it up,

These we the best interview questions of receptionist. All the questions are frequently asked questions in the interview. Read it frequently times before your interview. It will help you a lot.

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