Graphic Design Interview Questions And Answers


Graphic designers are the front line artists to create a communication medium for any brand or company through creative and unique digital designs. Every digital ad, print ad, websites or even blogs are the result of graphic designer’s creativity.  Graphic designers can be hired by architects, ad agencies, marketing firms, or other businesses that require design professionals. Here are the most asked graphic design interview questions.

Graphic design is a booming stream of occupation with a growth rate of 4%. With the exposure, creativity, portfolio, and also a handsome pay involved in this stream of employment many people are pulled towards it. This is the main reason why this stream of employment has a competitive market.

A degree in IT bachelors specializing in designing is a must for this career. A technical field like this requires proper qualifications to be eligible for the career.

Look at the most important graphic design interview questions.

Graphic Design Interview Questions And Answers

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1. What are the various characteristics of a graphic designer?

Answer: The main objective or role of any graphic designer is to effectively communicate a message through visual and digital graphics. The roles vary from industry to industry but some common roles include: Further this is the most asked question in the graphic design interview questions.


Graphic designers are expected to interact or pitch ideas to the clients.  They are expected to have good communication skills for this very reason. Interaction with clients can help graphic designers understand the project thoroughly which helps in the quality of the output generated by the designer.

Moreover, Graphic designers are expected to gather detailed information from the client and also create an environment for them to open up. Clients are the biggest assets for every company, the interaction with the client can make a huge impact on the company itself. Therefore, graphic designers are given the most important responsibility if interacting with current and future clients.

Creating quality results

Good graphic designers work with quality in their minds. The image and reputation of a company rest in their hands as they create a product for the customers. Creative and quality outcomes are highly expected form every graphic designer.  It is the responsibility of a graphic designer to satisfy the clients through their creativity and uniqueness. Furthermore, This not just creates a repetitive client but also helps the company gain other customers.

Quality work under pressure

Graphic designers are under the constant pressure of deadlines and workload. Graphic designers should train themselves to be calm and focused under such conditions. They should be able to create quality results even under such pressure.

Technical skills

Graphic designers need to have experience and working knowledge of design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign. These software’s are a graphic designer’s main instrument. Similarly, Graphic designers must be efficient and effective using such software and should know the technical know-how to get around such software.

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Creative and artistic

Graphic designers work with visual communication, they are virtual artists. They must have a creative and artistic mindset for quality results. Similarly, Graphic designers are expected to think outside the box for ideas. They are entrusted with the ability to bring out new and unique ideas for every other project. Therefore, Creativity is undoubtedly one of the main traits a graphic designer must possess. This very characteristic separates a good graphic designer from the rest.

Time oriented

Graphic designers are always under tight schedules and deadlines. They are expected to be disciplined when it comes to timely submission and deadlines. Furthermore, Graphic designers should be extremely focused when it comes to their work. Being punctual and time-oriented is a must for any graphic designer. Similarly, They must be able to allocate time on a strict basis to overcome their pressure of time and workload.


With the level of competition in the market today graphic designers should learn to be the best among the rest. The competitive characteristic helps a graphic designer be spotted among the pool of other designers. With so many people perusing this career today, no wonder being competitive is also a requirement for graphic designers. Similarly, A healthy competition is always a win-win, even if you lose you get a chance to build yourself to become better.

2. Do you have what it takes to become a graphic designer?

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Answer: Talking about the interview this is the most asked graphic design interview questions. This question should be answered using your experience, past projects, portfolio, and your traits as examples. The interviewer would ask this question to know about your qualities and confidence. Similarly, It is mandatory to bring printed copies of your past projects which relate to the nature of the current job interview

  • Candidates having past experiences.

I have been working as a graphic designer for an institution named XYZ for X years. I learned the many hidden qualities needed by any graphic designer while still working for that company.  Similarly, Technical qualities are just the basic necessities for this job, I possess a wide range of qualities that could be of value to this company.

Therefore, You can also go through my portfolio which includes several projects of different kinds.  Apart from this communication, negotiation, punctuality, and confidence are some of the other qualities that I possess.

Graphic Design Interview Questions And Answers
  • Candidates having no experience

I have been designing logos and posters for various platforms for about X years now. Similarly, I also acknowledge the level of contribution one needs to put in to become a professional graphic designer. Furthermore, I may not have any professional experience but I have been a part of some commendable projects.

You can have a look at the level of interest and work I put in each and every design. My main motto while working is quality. I try to do my best each and every time and when there is room for improvement I never fail to learn.

3. What are brand guidelines and why is it important for graphic designers?

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Answer: Branding is the identity of any company in the market and the book that holds the essence of the identity is the brand guideline.  Every company has its own unique branding guidelines that are used by graphic designers to create unique and creative content. 

Brand guidelines are the holy bible for every graphic designer. Furthermore, Brand guidelines are a company’s branding guide that includes various aspects and feel of the company’s branding. Similarly, Brand guidelines direct the contents used by the brand in their logos, websites, posters, or any other branding material. Every company has a written guideline that should be followed strictly. Best graphic design interview questions and answers.

Brand guidelines are filled with detailed information on the company’s branding policies. Colour of the logo on different backgrounds, size of logos on different backgrounds, size, and pixels to be used, etc. Furthermore, Such details are a necessity for every graphic designer to recognize the company and work under the given guidelines. This is the most important graphic design interview questions.

Graphic Design Interview Questions And Answers

4. What is the first thing you would consider when designing a logo?

Answer: This question is usually asked to test one’s basic knowledge on the step by step process used by graphic designers to sharpen their visual ideas. Similarly, graphic design interview questions and answers are the most asked one.

Step 1: Learn more about the company and its vision and missions. This would help the graphic designer to be clear on the message the logo would portray.

Graphic Design Interview Questions And Answers

Step 2: Internalize the message and start sketching rough demos for the clients to approve.

Step 3: Design and colour selection. Once the sketch is finalized the colour of the logo is an essential part. Similarly, Every colour has its own significance. The colour should be chosen according to the brand description.

Finally, we approve and present the logo to our clients. Logos are a very essential part of any business. Therefore, the level of creativity on these projects should be high and meaningful.

5. Give us a verbal description of a digital poster for a sports motorcycle.

Answer: This question expects you to answer as practically as possible. The answers may vary from individual to individual as this is a creative question. But be as informative as possible. Similarly, If one can pour an idea onto the screen he/she can describe it verbally as well.

Let’s take into example an existing sports bike manufacturer, Benelli. The prime color of Benelli is green. Their customer targets are youngsters between the ages of 16-24. 

I would use the image of the significant bike cornering on a race track and keep it right in the center of the poster where it would catch the attention of customers. Similarly, This would not just indicate speed but would also indicate stability and control.  The poster would be made in a greenish gradient so customers would incorporate the brand with the bike.

Furthermore, Specifications such as top speed, torque, and horsepower would be in larger fonts. Whereas, other specifications would be in smaller fonts. I would use sharp angles and shapes so that the poster would depict strength and a powerful presence. Similarly, The logo would be placed on the bottom right corner with other company details.

This is how I would make a digital poster for Benelli.

6. How would you interact with a client?

Answer: Client interaction might as well be one of the most essential responsibilities a graphic designer must execute. Similarly, It is the starting point of any product. All the basic information is shared during this interaction phase. Furthermore, The graphic designer must have excellent communication skills to be able to interact with any client on any given day. Further, this is the important graphic design interview questions and answers.

The first thing to keep in mind when interacting with clients is to make them feel comfortable. This allows the client to open up about any ideas and suggestions that he/she might have.

More detailed information is shared if the environment is comfortable and friendly.

Second, I would let the client do the talking. Any small details that one might miss can come up during such conversations.

Third, I would not hesitate to ask questions that I might find confusing. More questions clear more doubts which would reflect into a quality product.

And as always a friendly and pleasant nature is always welcomed. And a smile to keep every meeting happy.

7. Which software do you prefer to work on and why?

Answer: The answer to this question could vary from individual to individual. There might be some cross questions according to the answer given. So it should be noted that the candidate should be fully prepared to back up his/her answer. Similarly, this question is asked for graphic design interview questions and answers.

I have years’ experience using various software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign. And in these years of using various software’s I find Adobe Illustrator very easy to use and much vaster then Adobe Photoshop. There are several tools and additions to the illustrator that would help me produce quality and timely results such as:

  • Live Tracing
  • Multiple artboards
  • Use of vector instead of pixels.

These are some of the few reasons I choose Adobe illustrator among others but again, different software are made for different results, therefore I would be comfortable using any software that the company wants me to use.

8. Which shortcut key is used if you want to enable X feature of XYZ software?

Answer: This question is one of many technical questions and the question can vary from individual to individual. The candidate is required to have a thorough understanding of the software he/she is using and also other different software’s in the market. Hence, one needs to be fully prepared to answer such a question.

9. What are the challenges you might face as a professional graphic designer and how would you cope up with them?

Answer: Different people face different difficulties and challenges. One can answer accordingly and can point out the challenges faced on previous projects or jobs and the experience of overcoming such challenges. Therefore, this is the important one for graphic design interview questions and answers.

I would rather call them opportunities because every challenge has its own positive side, and the learning aspect should never be forgotten even in the most difficult of situations. Every job has its own challenges. I wouldn’t pinpoint any such difficulties that I might face because challenges are situational and it’s all about how one deals with them. 

At any given time a graphic designer must be focused and into his work, he/she should be able to master the trait of working under extreme pressure.  This is what divides a good graphic designer from the rest. Tight deadlines, rejections, failures, mistakes, etc. are common in graphic design. Such difficulties are a learning opportunity for us.

10. How would you react to criticism?

Answer: The employers would check your ability to tackle criticism when working and how you would incorporate such criticisms into quality results.

Criticisms are always welcome in my book. I believe criticisms are a step towards improving yourself and improving the product as well.  If a client criticizes my work I would listen to his words and ask questions to improve the design if need be. I would incorporate the feedback given by the clients into the design. After alteration and approval from the client themselves only will the final product will be rendered. This way it’s a win-win situation for both parties. I get to learn something the client gets his/her desired result.

Lastly, I would thank the client for their time, effort, and incorporation of ideas to make the product beautiful and unique. I would also look forward to taking this opportunity to learn from the mistakes and use this experience in the days to come.

11. What significance does selection of colors have in designing?

Answer: Graphic designers should have good taste in colour and knowledge about colour psychology as well. Colours are an important part of designing. I would call it the life of the design. It brings the mood into the outcome of the product.

Each colour has its own significance. Every colour stimulates a certain feeling in oneself. This is why graphic designers should have a bit of experience and knowledge about colour psychology.  For example:

  • Red – intense, highly visible and is associated with danger, energy, power, etc.
  • Yellow – warm and cheerful, stimulates mental activity.
  • Green – Nature, growth, harmony. Suggests stability and endurance
  • Blue – associated with depth and stability – symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, etc
  • White – the color of perfection, purity, faith, etc
  • Black – Associated with luxury, elegance, mystery, strength, etc.

These are just some of the few examples of how colors can send a message. This is regarded as one of the best ways to attract human attention. Colors are mainly used during subliminal messaging which is a crucial tool in the advertisement.

12. What value additions would you be able to bring to this company?

Answer: I’m the kind of person who believes in actions rather than words. With my enlisted skills and qualifications, you must have gotten the idea of the creative expertise I possess. I always keep my priorities set. Designing and creating is one of my greatest passions and tops my list of priorities. I would show you that there is no reason to doubt my abilities to handle this position in your esteemed organization.

I have mastered the skill of communication, technicalities, discipline, creativity, and problem-solving. The type of skills required to be a successful graphic designer. I aim to give my 105% towards the team and the company in every step of my day using every skill that I possess. I even aim to learn from this organization as we go on.

Summing it up,

These were the best graphic design interview questions and answers that will help you to get through your interviews. Furthermore, read it several times before your interview. So that you will get amazing results.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

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