Event Planning Interview Questions


Event planning is a new business that has taken the world to another level. All the small and large scale events are not organized and managed by the event planner. There were times in the past that all the small events and the programs are self-organized by the group of people and that’s all. But nowadays. All the situations have changed. One hires an event planner or an event manager for the organization of a particular program. Below this article, you will get to know the important and mostly asked event planning interview questions.

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Therefore, the craze for the job of an event manager or event planner is similarly increasing day by day as well. For all those job seekers, event planning interview questions and answers. The below-mentioned questions will surely help you to get through your interviews. Further aid in getting one job that you have always wish for.

The questions mentioned below are outlined after the long discussion and the research that our team had made. So, here are the most frequently asked event planning interview questions and answers that will aid you to the greatest extent. So without any distractions start reading every question carefully. So that there will be no difficulty in any interview that you are going to have.

1. On how many events and the projects that you have previously worked on?

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Answer: As the event planner the interviewer is more concerned about how many events and the projects that you have organized to date. Experiences help to grow both personal and professional aspects. Hence, working as an event planner is not an easy job to do. That too for a fresher it is one of the most difficult jobs that anyone can ever do or be involved in. Therefore, the employer is curious about knowing if you have managed the previous events or not.

If you have previous experience in the management of the events than certainly, you can manage their clients and the events as well. For the event planner interview, this is a very important event planning interview questions and answers.

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Event Planning Interview Questions

Therefore, on top of everything if you have the experience in the field of the events management and the planning. Then it would act as a plus point for you and increases the chances of you being hired as well. Also, the interviewer gives the priority to them who have the most experience rather than the fresher ones. Since they don’t want their event to be in any problems. Because in this job there are very few chances to settle down the mistakes. When the event is going on you have to deliver it correctly without any hindrance.


Being an event manager this question will come across you multiple times. You cannot ruin an event. It must be perfect. So, an event planner company cannot take the risk with a fresher. Therefore, It is important that you should have previous experience as an event planner.

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2. Why event manager or event planner?

Answer: Every job that you do has a reason. Therefore, If you want to be a good event manager and the good event planner you must first answer this question. Not to anyone else. But to yourself first. Furthermore, If you want to be an event manager and you have a particular goal. Then you can be an event manager. Hence, in order to be an event manager you have to have a particular goal and the long-sightedness. For event planning interview questions.

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Event Planning Interview Questions

Therefore, while answering this question for why did you choose the event manager as a career. Then in this case you have to answer this question as this is your passion. You always wanted to this job and you want to excel in this career only. Furthermore, it should reflect that you are serious about this career and want to achieve heights in this job only.


Why did you choose the profession is a very important question. This shows how passionate you are about the profession.

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Event planning interview questions video

3. What criteria would you consider before finalizing the venue?

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Answer: In every event, the finalization of the venue is very important. Since the venue is the place that an event where you do the event. Hence the employer is very concerned about the fact that how would you finalize the venue. Before considering the place of venue in the event the following things can be considered;

Event Planning Interview Questions
  1. Place where the clients are interested to organize and finalize the events.
  2. Type of events that are actually carried out for the purpose of the event.
  3. The most important thing is the budget that the clients are interested to invest in the event.

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Similarly, you should disclose the following things and the matter with the interviewer. Furthermore, this will impress the employer and show how experienced you are in this field and you do want to achieve something as well. This question is very important to fulfill event planning interview questions and answers.


Being an event manager it is very important to finalize the venue. Before finalizing the venue the terms such as budget, type of event and the mentality of event organizer are important to look after.

4. How would you make an event successful in case of a tight budget?

Answer: Budget plays the most important role in the case of organizing successful events. It is rightly said that the more you have the more you will grow. By this, I mean that if you have a good educational qualification then you will grow, the same goes for your experiences, skills, and talents. Hence, if the budget is good then it will surely aid the successful organizing of the programs of the events.

Event Planning Interview Questions

But it is said that everything has a loophole. If you are among the best in the organizing and the event management then you can get it through even in the tight budget of very little money as well. So you must be smart enough to utilize the finances well. There should be the process of analyzing things and investing useful things rather than the useless ones. So the employer has kept you in the high light through this question for how will you manage your self in a tight situation. So, you must be smart and act smartly in the situation no matter what the situation is.

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Furthermore, while answering these questions you can say in order to make the event successful in the tight budget. I will use the following procedures;

  1. Take care of what is necessary and focusing on it. Discarding the useless things which are not important.
  2. Focusing on the type of event and making things fall into place in a similar way.
  3. Proper planning and organizing things according to the plan and finally implementation.


Sometimes there might be a tight budget to organize an event. In such a condition you should determine how to use the finances on important aspects.

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5. Are you interested in frequent travel related to event planning?

Answer: Events and traveling have a direct relationship with each other. Since there can be different places where you have to organize the events. It depends upon the type of event that you are doing. Furthermore, it also depends on the type of client and what they wish for. Similarly, the events are organized by the events planner as per the needs and the requirement of the clients. Since this is a job and you are working for the clients.

Event Planning Interview Questions

Hence, in order to carry out the events in the most organized way. There might be the chances when you have to go outside the city where you work in, Furthermore, in the big and the most renowned event planning firm, there might be then chances where you have to travel more frequently. You have to be mentally prepared for this.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to travel much. Then this can create a big hindrance when it comes to an event planning job. Your chances of being hired in the company will decrease by 80%. I know it is a large number but we cannot do anything but it is the factual truth.

While answering this question to the employer you must be sure and certain that you are ready to travel outside the city that you live in for the official purpose. If you are in for the frequent travels then it is certain that you are the one who will be hired for the position.


Being an event manager you should have the mentality to travel across to organize the events.

6. How well can you manage time?

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Answer: Time management is a very important skill that everyone should manage. In a particular job or a corporate house, it is the most important that you should manage the time. If you cannot manage the time well then it can take you backward and halts your growth in all the aspects of life. Not only in life but also in the corporate culture as well.

Therefore, to keep moving forward and keep the growth graph moving upwards. Most of the companies want those employees to work for them who can manage the time well.

Event Planning Interview Questions

In the following ways you can manage the time in the corporate culture;

  1. Making a notebook for every work that is needed to be done.
  2. Furthermore, accomplishing every work and the job as per the notebook. So that no work skips and remains undone.
  3. Prioritizing and ordering the works as per their importance and solving them accordingly.
  4. Making a tick mark after fulfilling or doing a particular job.
  5. Discarding laziness and avoiding the chances of procrastination accordingly.

Proper planning and organizing things well surely help you to manage time. Hence, you must tell the above-mentioned points on how to manage time. As per my experience, these are the point that I want to hear from the job seekers. Therefore, be confident. It will surely help you to get through this one.


Time management is very important in case you work for an event. It is important to value your time in any profession that you are involved in.

7. Can you properly handle the stress that comes your way during event planning?

Answer: Event management is a very tough job. It includes a lot of stress and draining of the mental capacity. Furthermore, In such a situation it will be very important to manage stress. If you cannot manage the stress in the right way then it can bring an adverse effect on the health as well. Similarly, the employee’s biggest concern is to see if you can manage your stress in the very hectic day of work and keep yourself going.

Event Planning Interview Questions

In the following way you can handle the stress;

  1. Thinking positively in every situation and being optimistic. Discarding all the negativity from life can create wonders in such a situation as well.
  2. Practicing yoga and meditation. Since it is the natural therapy to get rid of stress and depression-like symptoms.
  3. Having a positive smile on a face. Most probably the laughter therapy.
  4. Taking adequate sleep and rest. Sleep for at least 6 hours is required by the adult human body.
  5. Proper time management skills can do good.

Further to answer the questions on stress management you can use the following techniques as mentioned above. You will have to answer similar to the interviewer as well. Since it is very important to make a point to point answers.


Stress management is very important in case you are working for an event. In order to manage stress yoga, meditation, frequent exercise, being optimistic can do good.

8. What keeps you motivated and move forward at work?

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Answer: There must be something that keeps you motivated in every stage of life. If the motivation dies than you cannot do anything. You cannot do even a single thing. Therefore, motivation is important. Furthermore, it is said that motivation comes from within. If you are motivated fro inside then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Similarly, If the motivation does not come from within them nothing is there that can motivate you in any circumstances of life.

Event Planning Interview Questions

While answering this question to the interviewer you can say that this is my passion and I want to achieve things in life. By carrying this profession only. Once your work becomes your passion then there is nothing that will stop you from giving your best and further help you achieve things and your goals.


If the work you are doing is your passion. Then your passion will keep you move forward and grow no matter what the situation is.

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9. How will you promote the events? Which social media will you use?

Answer: In order to get revenues from the event it is very important to make the promotion of such events. Furthermore, if you want to get all the events going on and maintain the growth of the event. You have to make the promotion of such events. The promotion of such events must be done through social media. Furthermore, Social media in this era has taken the world by strong.

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Event Planning Interview Questions

Each and every corporate sector be it small or large every company promotes its company via social media. Similarly, The most important media for the promotion of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, and google ads. These are the most used social media in this era. Further, this is the top social media of the entire world. 90% of the company or the startups is boosted by the use of social media.

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Similarly, The employer has the biggest concern in which way you can promote the events. Since it is an important factor to give a boost to the events. With the use of social media, most of companies will know about your company. Therefore, The revenue if any events increases as well.


Social media promotion is very important for any event to attract potential population or to generate more leads.

10. Can you plan more than one event at a time?

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Answer: Being working in an event company. There is a ninety percent probability that you have to manage more than one event at once. Since good works are liked by most of the clients. If your event management company works in a nice way. Then you will get more clients and similarly the more works. For the large and the well renowned the employer is more likely to ask and are curious about if you can handle more clients.

Event Planning Interview Questions

While answering this question you can say that yes I can plan more than one event at a time. I will work in a team rather than being a sole runner. It makes all the works easier while working in a team. So, I can plan more than one event at a time.


If you are working for a particular event management company. Then it important to look after that if you have the potential to manage more than one event at a time. Without ruining the quality of the event.

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Summing it up,

These are the most important event planning interview questions and answers that will help you to get through. Read this well before your interview. 90% of the above questions will be asked in your interviews and let you get through.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

Until next blog Ta Da

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