Customer service interview questions


Customer service is one of the most important roles in modern-day trade and business. As the entire business world depends on customers to run and prosper. It is very important for businesses to increase their customer base and then retain them. Similarly, Customer service is the primary factor that can make or break the customer base for any business. Hence here are the best customer service interview questions and answers.

Handling customer service is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in the organization. Therefore, The employer looks at various qualifications in the candidate, ranging from pleasant personality to problem-solving skills. Furthermore, Below are some of the questions likely to be discussed during the customer service interview questions and answers.

Customer Service Interview questions and answers Video

Please give a brief introduction on yourself

Answer: If I have to tell you about the customer service interview questions and answers. This is the foremost and important one. While this may sound a common warm-up question to start interviews for any role in any discipline. This can be a direct dive into the subjective session. For the interview with the candidate applying for customer service roles. Moreover, Your effectiveness in introducing yourself to the interviewing panel. It allows them to envision your capacity to take the business deep into the customer’s heart and mind.

Customer service interview questions

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While introducing yourself. Similarly, It is very important not only to let others know who you are but also be able to get the attention of the individuals you are talking to. Furthermore, Note that you can only talk about something to any person if the listener is more than bound by your words and message.

You may take conventional, yet with convincing assertions, ways starting with your name, address, academics, and latest work description. Further, You may include mentioning your alma mater if that stands out from others. Similarly, But you should avoid overstating your affiliations as it may hit the ego of some in the interview panel.


Introduce yourself in a simple and effective way such that it gives a strong first impression of you in front of the interview panel. Keep it simple everything will find its way.

What are your credentials to apply for this position?

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Answer: This question takes you to the formal zone of conversation where the interviewer wants to know the fact about your background. Moreover, From the fancying and sweetening introduction, now is the time to change your mode into fact telling straight forward response. Similarly, The response should come straight from the heart as the facts are. State your academics and work credentials. Be prepared this will surely come in your customer service interview questions and answers.

Customer service interview questions

Above all, Though you are expected to be as honest as you can be. Moreover, always find ways to emphasize the better aspects of your portfolio- like good grades, internships in ranked organizations, or outstanding exposures. Similarly, depending upon the time available. It is important to rank your credentials as their worth and relevant to the organization and roles you are applying to.

This emphasis and prioritization are important in helping to guide the interviewers to ask questions in your range of comfort. Therefore, This is key as most interviewers tend to be influenced by your credentials and achievements and go on following up on your answers.


While answering this question about your credential you have to explain your qualifications, achievements, and your other personal qualities.

What makes you a better candidate for this position or role than other candidates?

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Answer: Here, you generally take up your momentum from the point you closed in your earlier response. Now, you may be willing to softly aggrandize what you have learned as a student and intern or employee in earlier roles.

Customer service interview questions

Similarly, This question wants you to condense down your credentials and experiences to crystallize into something unique knowledge, skills, or activities you possess. Moreover probably may have used it to achieve something significant. Similarly, This question comes with the aim of assessing your ability to identify your own strength and capabilities.


This question is a very important one. These questions will make sure if you will be selected for the position or not. While answering these questions you must define and explain your strength that could work for the success and growth of the organization.

What roles are undertaken by the person taking the position of the customer service provider?

Answer: The interviewer now wants to know your state of understanding the routine task of the roles you are applying to work in the near future. Similarly, You have to read thoroughly the job description of the position in the organization before going to interview. There are numerous types of customer service roles and different organizations have their own set of job descriptions and requirements. Generally, such specific needs and requirements are detailed out in the job adverts.

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Customer service interview questions

Moreover, If not, you have to understand the type of customer service roles in the industry that your organization belongs to. Above all, A customer service role in the hospitality industry differs from the telecommunication industry. So, it is expected that you understand what roles you would undertake in the applying organization.


While asking this question the main motive of the interviewer is to know if you have read the job description well or not. If you know some of the roles that you are going to do while working for a particular organization.

Customer service interview questions and answers

What you look for in a client approaching for service?

Answer: A client may be a first time visitor or an already existing customer. So, the way customer service personnel handles the case largely depends on the customer visiting the organization. Similarly, You have to be able to convince the interviewer by demonstrating your skills to handle the customers according to the approach of the customers themselves. Again, this depends on the service the organization provides. This is the best one for customer service interview questions and answers.

Customer service interview questions

Every business has its own class of customers. While it is not desirable that the customer service personnel handle different clients with a different approach that is noticeable by the service takers. So it is important to understand that the customers expect a certain type of treatment that they think they deserve. Therefore, you should be able to convince the interviewer that you understand what a customer is seeking.

Where he stands in the priority pool of the organization. Moreover, What background he belongs to. Having said so, you should also be able to differentiate between the in-person and remote customer service. Similarly, the approaches vary in such cases.


In these questions, you will say those things that make an interviewer believe that you have the capability to convince the customer and bring in more leads.

What motivated you to apply for this position or organization?

Answer: This is a very common question one can expect in an interview. You have to be prepared to respond to such questions in a way that convinces. Therefore, the interviewer about your motivations but does not exaggerate to the level where the interviewer gets uncomfortable. Above all the question this is the technical one for the customer service questions for interview.

Customer service interview questions

Similarly, This is a common question one can expect and you have to be able to swiftly pass it off with a simple response. Furthermore, It is easier to express your motivations as your willingness to start a career, etc if you are applying for your first job.

Things can be a little bit tricky if you are changing your job. So, if you are changing your job and applying for a new one in another organization. Above all, you should not express dissatisfaction with the job or colleagues in your earlier job. Obviously, no organization wants to take in frustrated individuals from another organization.

Moreover, Your motivations to change jobs maybe you consider yourself to be a better deserving performer and achiever. Similarly, You may have been at the bottom of the slot of hierarchy in previous organizations. Where you think it would take longer than normal time to climb up the promotion ladder. Anyways, you should throw the positive side of the motivation factors.


Your motivation to change the job can be the reason that you are considering yourself to be a better performer and achiever than other candidates.

Can you list your previous supervisor as a reference to support your application for this position?

Answer: Not so common question but still you have to be prepared to respond to such questions. This will allow the interviewer to sense your state of performance and goodwill in the previous position. Similarly, The way you answer this question will reveal a lot about you. Moreover, sometimes the things that you would not like to be shared as well.

Customer service interview questions

While it would be impolite and unprofessional to deny access to an immediate past supervisor. Furthermore, you can always request such contacts be made in the final steps of the recruitment process. Similarly, if you do not have a cordial relationship with the supervisor. Moreover, you can be frank to discuss that as well. Stating truth and fact is more desirable than concealing the inevitable. 

Above all, It is highly unlikely to avoid referral contacts with the previous supervisors. As a reference to support your application for a new position or organization. So, it is important to very important to maintain a supportive work environment in any workplace you go to. In any competent organization,  it is very likely that the individual supervising you will be well trained and qualified to handle you. Moreover in a positive approach.

Similarly, It is also likely that the individual supervising you may be supportive of your career growth. Furthermore,  outside the current organization as well, even though you may have the impressions otherwise. So, it is not harmful to discuss with your supervisor about your possible career plans and movements across the organizations. Therefore, This is put you in a comfortable position regarding the question of referral contacts with the previous supervisors.


While you are applying for a particular job. A strong reference from a higher authority supervisor might help you. But it does not matter much if you have great academics, skills, and experiences.

Can you please tell us about your past experiences?

Answer: Another common question for almost any interview for jobs. Here, you are expected more than just listing out the past work portfolio. Similarly, When you answer this question. You are expected to describe your past responsibilities along with illustrations of your problem-solving skills and achievements. An interview is already a time-bound performance where the home rules are fixed by the interviewer.

Customer service interview questions

So, you should be able to show your skills which you think will be able to convince the interviewer about your abilities. This can be a make or break session for you. This question can be the opportunity to stand out yourself from your competitors. Your focus should be on what you did in particular to handle a situation that is not countered every.

It is advisable that you avoid the statement of your routine tasks to answer this question.  The interviewer already knows what your general tasks were in the previous position. Here, the panel wants to know what exceptional you performed within those sets of tasks. These are the best customer service interview questions and answers.


This one is a very important question if you want a job. If you have the strong past experience in the related field that you are applying for. Then no one can stop you from getting a job.

What are your expectations from new job ?

Answer: Your expectations from a new job can be drawn forward from your motivations to apply for this position or organization. The answers you provide to these answers may triangulate with your motivations to apply for this position or organization. In that case, you should be consistent and honest with what you speak while responding to other questions in the interview sessions.

Customer service interview questions

You may have one or more genuine motivations to apply for this position and thus corresponding expectations. Similarly, You may be honest to express your wishes for a better remuneration package that comes with the new position. You may be lured by the organizational reputation. Therefore, You may be looking for roles that you believe would take out your potential in a better way. The expectations may be small and petty, but be honest with whatever you expected with the new roles.

Furthermore, This is important, to be honest as this will determine if you can be a happy and satisfying employee in the new organization. So, it is important to state your expectations straight forward. It is also likely that this question may be put forth to know about your expectations regarding the remuneration package. In that case, you should be as honest as you can be.


This is an important question. While telling your expected salary make good market research and then tell them. The research will surely help you to make flexible expectations.

What are the distinct features of a successful customer service personnel in your opinion?

Answer: This is a subjective session of the interview and here you can go back to the basics and even recall the textbooks. Some points may be universal while you may draw some from your own experiences and observations. You may also visualize yourself as a customer and envision what type of service you would expect from personnel on the other side of the desk or communication.

Customer service interview questions

The interviewer will also be making a picture of yourself as a customer service personnel while you describe the features. So, you are not just putting forward theoretical assumptions of good customer service personnel but you are outlining your persona as an employee in the new roles. So it is expected that you understand what you are describing and also be sincere that your descriptions fit your personality and features as well. 


In these questions, you can answer the individual who can treat their customer well, solve the problems they have are considered to be as the good customer service personnel

Why is the customer service role required by any organization?

Answer: This question helps you to express the illustrations of your contribution to the larger life of the previous organization. While putting emphasis on the roles of customer service in increasing the business of the organization. Quality and performance of the customer service personnel help to determine the image of the organization in the hearts and minds of the customers. You should be able to convince the interviewer about your abilities to influence the customers in their decision-making process in favor of your past organization.

Customer service interview questions

You should emphasize that the employee in any organization are worth not by the routine task but by the impact and impressions they create by handling crisis and solving problems. So your response should focus on how customer service personnel can impact organizational growth and success rather than the mere execution of the daily routine tasks.


While answering this one, you got to tell the abilities of customer service personnel to convince the customers to bring more leads.

Where do you see yourself in five years or ten years from now?

Answer: This question is about your career goals. You can respond to this question by breaking down the scenarios and time frame. Similarly You may be honest to express your wishes for your life. In fact,  you can relax a bit in this part of the interview and express yourself. Don’t get too fantasized but you can speak your mind. While it is advisable to stick to your immediate desire to join the new organization in the short term.

Customer service interview questions

You can loosen up for a later phase of the time frame. Moreover, You may state you want to stick to the current industry and seek to climb up the ladder towards the top. Or you may bring in factors like higher education in the process,  switch to different roles like taking academic roles in the future.

You may also express your wishes for entrepreneurial adventures in the future. Whatever you wonder for the future in the long-term, do not forget that you are applying for a position in a particular organization. Your plans for the future should include this position and organization in the immediate future.


While explaining this futuristic question, It must reflect your passion and goals. It must show that you want to do something in life. Which will keep you moving forward no matter how tough the situation is.

Do you have anything to ask us before we close this interview?

Answer: This is the end of the interview. The panel may have already assessed you and approximately ranked you among your other candidates. So, the response to this question can have little or no impact on the final outcome of your application for this position. So you can be relaxed as no tough conversation is on the way regarding this interview. Some simply opt-out to ask any questions and just thank the panel for inviting them to the interview and leave.

Customer service interview questions

It may be worthwhile to have a light conversation as well. You may ask when I get to know about the outcome of the interview. You may also reflect back to the interview session and express how you felt about the process. In the end, some panel may hint you about how well you performed. If you were exceptionally good, the organization may also ask if you can be considered for other positions in the organization. 

Such offers can come if there are other available positions but are not advertised. So, you should not be too sure about the offers but you may express your willingness depending upon your motivations and contexts. It is advisable that you avoid extreme excitement or resentment at the end of the interview. You may thank the panel for inviting you to the interview and let them know how exciting it was to meet and talk with the interviewing panel. These are the interview questions and answers to customer service.


In this question, you can ask if you have any confusion regarding the job and the position that you are applying for.

Summing it up

These are the most asked customer service interview questions and answers. This will help you to get through the interview and get the job that you always wish for. Furthermore, be prepared and go through every question at least three times before entering the interview room. This will give a boost to your confidence and you can tell everything in the correct way and the right manner in the interviews.

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