Cover letter for job application


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is anything or the letter that presents the details about you other than your CV or bio-data. If you want to get a job then your cover letter must be very strong. Since the cover letter is kept always on the top of the resume it creates a different type of vision about you in the eyes of the employer.

Similarly, It provides additional information about you so that the employer can know better things about you in every aspect. Therefore, it increases the chances of you getting employed and hikes the probability of you being selected for a job. A cover letter for job application is a must in all the aspects.

Why make a cover letter?

There is a popular saying that “The first impression is the last impression”. It means that what people see in you for the first time they will see you in the same you till the end. Therefore, you must work on making your first impression right and bang on. In case you are a job seeker then your cover letter stands as a first impression of you in the eyes of the employer.

There is no doubt that in order to get the best job your CV or resume must be strong but if your cover letter is strong the intensity of the strong biodata decreases. So, insisting to make your cover letter for job application and first impression in the eyes of the employer or hr manager bang on.

cover letter for job application

Cover letter for a job application?

If you are thinking or intending to apply for a job in any company for your corporate growth then before making a strong corporate CV you should make a strong cover letter. The strong cover letter must include the following;

what cover letter should include

The below-given details are the best point on what cover letter should include:


The heading is very important while writing a cover letter because it shows the basic information such as date, employer head to whom you are writing the letter to, name of the company, and the place where the company is located.

Example for heading in cover letter

Date: 22/04/2020

To, The HR manager, ABC Pvt. Ltd. Newyork


It represents your respect for the person to whom you are dictating your cover letter. It is a good gesture for you towards the employer. furthermore, It helps in building a good impression of you in front of the employer.

Example for Salutation in cover letter

Dear Sir, Madam, John, Mary,

Introductory paragraph:

The introductory paragraph must begin with your full-fledged introduction. It must include who are you, how did you know about the job vacancy, and for what position you are applying for.

Example for Introductory paragraph in cover letter

I am john with respect to the vacancy published or reported in a job portal or newspaper I would like to apply for the position of senior accountant in ABC company.

Body Paragraph:

This is the main paragraph in the whole cover letter where you will disclose everything about you. For instance, your qualifications, skills, experience your strengths, and all the qualities that you inherit. Likewise, You must emphasize on skills that you have. This paragraph will be responsible if you will get one job or not.

Example for body paragraph in cover letter

I am a qualified chartered accountant. Have worked for more than five years as a senior financial analyst in one of the largest MNC’s in the world. With skilled knowledge in taxation and accountancy with excellence in Microsoft office packages and different accounting software.

Additional information:

If there is any other information that you would like to write then you can write in additional information paragraph. Mind you that you must keep your every paragraph short and sweet a maximum of five to six lines in each paragraph will do good. That is why I have kept the paragraph for additional information. If your body paragraph becomes too long split it into the additional information paragraph.

Greeting paragraph and closing Paragraph:

After you have written and fulfilled all the above conditions in your cover letter. Then you should show some respect and politeness towards the employer. If you greet then it would reflect the good gesture towards the person to whom you are writing the letter. This is the main paragraph while delivering the best cover letter for job application.

Example for Greeting paragraph and closing Paragraph in the cover letter

It would be a great thing for me if I hear from you soon and get a chance to work under you. I would be waiting for your positive response.

Name, signatory, and sign-offs:

After writing everything necessary in the cover letter. It is important to have great sign-offs. Some signing off words would be “Yours Sincerely”, “With regards”, “With best regards”, “Yours“, “kindly“, “kind regards“, “Thank you”, “Yours Sincerely” in some instances.

Example for Name, signatory and sign offs in cover letter

Yours Sincerely With Regards With Best regards Thank you John Mary John Mary

cover letter for job application

Date: 22/04/2020

To, The HR Department, ABC Pvt. Ltd. Dear Sir / Madam,

I am an enthusiastic individual who is sincere in his responsibilities. Try to give my best in all spheres of life and strive for continuous development for a better future and overall development of personality.

Review of my credentials will present that I have a strong education base and working knowledge which have acquired in the course of my education and training & working experiences. My goal is to make the best use of my knowledge, creativity, and experience at work towards the growth of the organization.

During the period of working & my training, I have learned all the spheres of accounting & auditing of various manufacturers as well as trading organizations as well as the proper management of all the spheres of the company. It would welcome an opportunity to speak to you for a more detailed discussion.

Yours sincerely, John

Free cover letter template

Following are the best free cover letter template that will help you to get a job.

Date: 22/04/2020 


The HR Department,
ABC Pvt. Ltd.

To establish a career in a stable company that offers the challenging opportunity for further development of my skills, where my educational qualification, skills, talent, and experiences can be utilized, provides excellent opportunities for advancement and satisfaction.  I desire to work with an organization where can always learn new things and also add value to the organization in terms of profit. 

I believe to possess the capacity of accomplishing any assignment with a minimum of instructions. Maintain a good rapport with people at all levels and posse a strong team spirit. My career objective is to grow up in the ladder with prestige, pride, and honesty, delivering the best of my capabilities for the organization’s growth in terms of good fame.

Cover Letter For Job Application

Cover letter design

Are you worried about the design of the cover letter? If the answer comes “yes”. Then worrying right there. The design of the cover letter doesn’t really matter. The thing that is the most important and that really matters is only the matters that can prove the qualities that you inherit in front of the employer.

You have to make a simple cover letter yet effective so that you can get hundreds of phone calls for the interview. Some of the design is above cover letter examples. Just take in simple and you are ready to go.

Jobs in Nepal

Make cover letter more effective

In order to make the cover letter more effective, the best thing you can do is go as per the job requirements that the vacancy is all about. For example, if the job requirement is;

  1. senior financial analyst with 5 years of experience in the corporate sector.
  2. should be on time in-office hours.
  3. cooperative and easy to go personality.
  4. good analytical skills.

Then these things must and should be reflected in your cover letter. So that the HR manager or recruitment officer ticks and checks all the boxes that are required by the company in order to hire the company.

Likewise, it is of the great fact that you should go according to the requirement of the vacancy. Rather than writing useless aspects that the hiring company doesn’t require. If you are on point then there nothing that can stop you to get your dream job.

Free cover letter template

Cover letter for job application

Free cover letter template

Cover letter for job application

Final Touch

In the above ways, you can write an effective cover letter. Just follow the steps keep it simple.

If you are thinking of switching from one job to another. Them if you want to write an effective resignation letter click here: how to write a resignation letter.

Do not forget to leave the valuable comments in the comments section down below. We appreciate each and every comment.

Until next blog Ta Da.

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