Cashier questions for interview


The cashier is one of the important positions in any of the corporate houses and the working environment. Here are some of the cashier questions for interview that will help you to get through.

Cashier questions for interview video

Can you handle the large amount of cash?

Answer: The cashier has to handle the lot of cash that comes and goes out on a regular basis. Since the employer’s big concern is cash management. Therefore, it is important for them to make you that you have the capabilities and the good intentions behind proper handling of the cash. Hence in the cashier questions for interview this questions will surely come.

Cashier questions for interview

Hence, While answering these questions you must make sure that you have the good capabilities and the skills that make you a good manager. Therefore you can manage the total amount of cash for the company. You should make a proper cash book which shows that all the incoming and the outgoing of the cash. The debit side should include all the incoming of the cash or all the cash received and the credit side must show all the outgoing of the cahs that is all the cash payment made. This is the most asked cashier questions for interview

In this way, the balance between the debit and the credit after netting of debit and credit will be your cash in hand. This will make sure that you have the proper cash balance. In this way, you can keep the proper records of cash. Therefore, answers as mentioned to the employer. This will surely impress your interviewer and the employer in all the aspects.


Being a cashier you have to manage a large amount of cash. Therefore, it is important for you to have skills in the proper management of cash. Since cash and revenue are the most important thing that the company is working for. So, you should have a positive intent and say that you are capable of handling a large amount of cash.

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How good are you in counting the money?

Answer: Being a cashier this will surely turn out to be the most important questions for cashier interviews. Therefore, you should be fully prepared with an amazing answer. The cashier should have an excellent ability in the counting of the cash. If you cannot count the cash you cannot be a good cashier. Furthermore, The counting skills make the employer believe that you can handle the position very smoothly and the company can operate without any hindrance. Cashier questions for interview. Similarly, if the cash is not counted in a nice way then your cash book will never tally. There are more chances that there will be a shortage of cash.

Cashier questions for interview

If there is a shortage of cash then it will land you in trouble. Due to which there can come the situation for which you have to pay for the shortage of the amount. Similarly, In order to avoid such conditions, you have to make proper checks and balances for everything. This provides you the best cashier interview questions and answers. All incoming or receipt of the cash should be counted in the correct way before entering in the cash book. Similarly, all the outgoing of the cash or cash payments must be verified nicely before entering into the cash book.

This will prevent all the chances of error. This question is among the most asked cashier interview questions and answers

While answering this question, you have to ensure your interviewer that you have better cash counting and management skills. This will make the interviewer give a thought about you for the position. Cashier questions for interview. For this, you can also tell them some of the skills that you have on the basis of counting that is based upon your experiences and teachings.


Counting the money for being a cashier is very important. Hence, if you want to excel in your career in the field of the cashier you should have the proper and skills in the proper counting of the cash. Such that there will not be any sort of cash manipulations and everything are in the proper way.

Can you properly make the records of cash in and cash out?

Answer: Proper recording of all the cash in and cash out is very important in order to make the account of the company free of error. The cash in refers to all the received amount or all the receipt that you received from the sales of the company’s stocks or the sales of the services. Whereas the cash out means all the payments that are made by the company are the purchase of the trading stocks, purchases of the services and procurement of the office materials, and purchases of the fixed assets that are required by the company. Further this is the most important cashier interview questions and answers.

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Cashier questions for interview

Therefore, cash in or sales helps in the increment of the cash balances of the company. The cash-out or purchases decrease the balances of cash of the company. The difference that is available after the subtraction of the cash in and the cash out is the balance of cash in hand.

Therefore, being a good cashier you must record properly all the cash in and the cash out of the company. The cash in and the cash out of the company can be managed through the maintenance of the cash book of the company. The debit side of the cash book is the receipt of cash and the credit side of the cash book being the payment of the cash.

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Similarly, the difference between the debit side and the credit side is the balance amount remaining in the cash book. Which should be later verified with the cash in hand. If the balance of cash book and the cash in hand differ then there may be a condition where there can be some mistakes or the manipulations of the cash.


If you want to be a cashier then it is important that you should have the proper skills to record the cash in and cash out. Since, If the cash in and cash out is not recorded in the proper way then there are the chances that it would create a blunder in the business activities. Therefore, If you are the one who wants to be a cashier then you should have proper knowledge and skills to the manager what comes in and what goes out.

Cashier Interview questions and answers

Do you any previous experiences related to cash management?

Answer: Job experiences are very important in any job that you do. Experiences make you complete. Furthermore, it makes you do a particular thing or a job in a more decent and clean way. Moreover, it helps you be to be skilled in the aspects that are required to perform a task. Therefore, the employer of the corporate seeks and hires those individuals who have experience with a particular job.

Cashier questions for interview

So, if you have the experiences from a previous organization as a cashier then your chances of being hired increase by 80%. No matter how weak your educations qualification is your experience. It will make you swim to the other part of the river. So, if you are applying for a job try to gain some experience. It does not matter how less or more you earn in the initial stages of your career. If you gain experience and learn how the corporate sector works. Then this will certainly help you to increase your value in the personal aspect, professional aspect, and both monetary and financial wise as well.

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Hence, while answering this question about the previous experiences you should pour everything out in front of the human resource associates. You must tell them all the experiences that you have in the course of your career. It will surely help you to get a job that you are applying for. The final line I would like to say is that after your graduation try to take some experiences first no matter how less is your salary. After some years of experience, your value will rise three folds.


If you are interested in looking for the cashier interview questions and answers then it is important that you should have the experience in the cash management. Since in order to make the organization work in the proper way the experienced candidates are very necessary. Similarly, If you are experienced in the field as a cashier and cash management then you will surely get a job as well.

Will you pay any amount without the approval of the finance manager or the owner of the company?

Answer: The payment of cash is a very critical situation for the organization’s money. You being a cashier of any company can pay any sort of money to anyone. It needs the proper approval for making the payment. Similarly, while making the payment if there is the approval of the designation authority then you will be safe from any future hurdles and the problems that can come. So while making the payment there is the proper approval. In the payment vouchers and the signature of the person who has received the cash.

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Cashier questions for interview

Therefore, while answering this question you should say that No I will not pay any amount without the proper approval of the finance manager or the designated authority. I will first take the approval or signature on the payment vouchers and only after making sure that. The payment can be made only then I will make the payment. If any payment is no duly approved by the management then I will not make any payments thereon.


The payment of any amount of the organization to any person outside the company or without approval can get you in a problematic situation. Furthermore, You should take prior approval of the director or the finance manager in the payment vouchers. If you do this then you being a cashier of the company will be on the safer side and there will be no problem for you in the future.

How will you handle customers if they give you post-dated cheques?

Answer: Not all the customers make the payment in the cash. Most of the customers and the party makes the payment via cheques. There might be a condition where the cheques are paid in the post-dated. Similarly, The cheques which are paid with the due date that it will only be cleared after some days. This is the most important cashier interview questions and answers.

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Cashier questions for interview

Then it becomes your responsibility to see if the cheques will be cleared or not. Or if the party or the customer is trustable or not. Because once you accept the post-dated cheque and if it does not clear then it can create a problem for you. Because while giving the reporting via cash book you must give the reasons for all those activities.

Therefore, while answering these questions to the interviewer you can tell that I will use the ways on how to manage the post-dated checks. Some of the circumstances in which you can manage those situations are as follows;

Here are some of the ways on how to manage post dated checks;

  1. Proper record-keeping of all the checks that are post-dated along with the date on which it needs to be cleared.
  2. Sending the required check for the clearance on the date written on the check slips.
  3. Timely communication with the parties of the cheques.


If you are planning for cashier interview questions and answers then these questions will surely come your way. Similarly, You have to answers these questions in a proper way on how will you manage the post-dated cheques in a proper way. Since there will be a lot of customers that will gove you cheques that are of future date fro the date of sales. Further you must have the capabilities to manage it properly.

What are your educational backgrounds?

Answer: Education qualification is required to get a good job. In today’s era and this competitive work environment, you cannot be less than anyone academically. So, your educational background to some extent can be a concern for some of the employers or the interviewers for the required position. As per my experience, I have seen that most of the employers look for at least your undergraduate degree. If you have an undergraduate degree then you will get a particular job for sure. Furthermore, it won’t hinder your working patterns as well.

Cashier questions for interview

With the concern of the educational background and the academic scores. You can get away with it even though if you don’t have strong educational qualifications and the academics. In this condition, you have to have strong experiences. If you have the number of years of experience in the filed that you want to work in. Then in this condition, all your academic scores will be suppressed. So I have discussed it above as well. Try to gain more experiences your value will surely increase with time.


Educational qualifications are very important for your growth in a particular organization. If you have strong academics then it will help you to get a job. Since, it is the qualifications that make you qualified for a particular job and ultimately help you in the growth of the organization.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

Answers: This is the futuristic question. By this question, the employer wants to know about your ambitions and passion. This shows how serious you are in your life. Where you see your self in 10 years down the line. Or what you want to achieve in the next 5 years. So while answering this question your answers must reflect your passion and you want to do something good with your life. It should show that you are goal-focused.

Cashier questions for interview


This question is a very technical question for you than an employer will surely ask you. Similarly, This futuristic question on where do you see in the coming years give a shake to your passion. If you have a strong passion to do something and achieve something then it will surely help you to manage your way and grow in all directions.

Can you work hand in hand with the accounts department?

Answer: There is a direct relationship between the accounts department and the cashier. They must perform their works together. If one of them is not functioning properly then it would be bizarre for both the company. It directly affects the performance of the company. All the details that a cashier makes must match with the cash ledger that is made in the accounts. If there is any sort of differences between the balance in the cash book and the balances in the cash ledger.

Cashier questions for interview

Then in such a case, the cash reconciliation statement between the cash book and the cash ledger must be made. The reconciliation will help to find out the exact differences the exists. With the help of reconciliation, the differences in any issues thereon can be found out and then solved.


Cashier and accountant are interdependent with each other. The Cashier cannot work without accounts. If there are no accounts then there will be no proper record for the cash transaction. Hence it would and can lead to cash manipulations. So, it is important for the employer to make sure that if you can work with the accounts department closely.

What are your strengths that will favor the company?

Answer: The strengths being a cashier are as follows;

  1. Good communication and listening skills.
  2. Punctual.
  3. Team player.
  4. Good cash counting skills and excel skills.
  5. Mathematical skills and good with numbers.
  6. Positive attitude and attention to detail.
  7. Flexibility and time management.
Cashier questions for interview


Strengths add up to the growth and the smooth operations of the organizations and the companies. If you have the strength that can help the company other than your educational backgrounds and experiences. Then it increases the chances of getting a job.

You are a team player or a sole player?

Cashier questions for interview

Answer: Working in a team is always very important for the growth of an organization. If you cannot work in a team it might create some of the problems in the corporate working environment. Therefore, this question is a major concern for the interviewer that if you can work in a team or not. Hence, while answering this question you must be a bit diplomatic and say that you can work in a team. Moreover, working in a healthy working environment is always good. This question is asked almost every time in the Cashier questions for interview.


Being working in any corporate house or any business organization you have to work in a team. You cannot work in an individual lifestyle. If you cannot work in a team closely then it will create problems inside the organization and halts the growth of the company.

Summing it up,

In conclusion, These were some of the very important questions that are asked as the cashier interview questions and answers. Be prepared. Best of luck.

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