Camp Counselor Interview Questions


Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Camp counselors are those individuals who supervise camps with the objective of providing a safe and enjoyable camping experience for their clients. Their clients mostly consist of kids and teenagers. One can spot a good camp counselor by his communication, leadership, organizational and managerial skills.  These are just the beginning of many traits a camp counselor must possess. Below you will get the best camp counselor interview questions.

Camp counselors are expected to be in good health and physically fit as their job requires them to stay outdoors and engage in various different activities they built for their clients. Camp counselors are managers, teachers, doctors, and mentors in one body. One must possess experience in such fields to become a successful camp counselor.

This career field is a growing field with an expected of 8% in the coming decade itself (2018-2028). The income according to the US Bureau of statistics is around $25,000 annually.

camp counselor interview questions

1. What are the main components of becoming a successful camp counselor?

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Answer: Becoming a camp counselor should be out of pure interest and enthusiasm. There are various aspects that need to be fulfilled in becoming a successful camp counselor. When it comes to camp counseling this is a very important camp counselor interview questions.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

First would be leadership, the most essential trait for becoming a camp counselor.  This position expects the individual to be working with groups of people which mostly consists of teenagers and children, and as a camp counselor, one must know how to influence such individuals. Hence, leadership skills are a must.

Second would be interpersonal skills, Camp counselors are constantly among new people and the trait of good communication makes a huge impact on this position. On should be able to communicate easily with new people on a day to day basis.

Third would be organized and well managed, Becoming a camp counselor is not just entertaining and conducting camps, it’s much more than that. One must be extremely disciplined to be able to execute the workload of such a position. The individual should be able to schedule plans and projects on time and according to the requirements. This calls for a well-organized and well-managed individual from top to bottom.

Fourth would be health and safety, Camp counseling is an outdoor job where one is working with various types of people mainly kids. The outdoor environment has many things to offer and health and safety hazards are one of them. Therefore, taking into account the risks people bare a camp counselor should be knowledgeable on the topic of health and safety. Talking about the camp counselor interview questions you must take care of health and safety to a larger extent.

Lastly, Physical fitness and good health, are must needed components for a camp counselor. The job requires one to be part of various activities whilst having a sharp presence of mind of the situations surrounding the camp. 

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2. How would you plan a camp for teenagers?

Answer: Before planning a camp we must know the requirements of the client. We must know the area of their interest and the demographics of the client so that we can plan the camp accordingly. There are various factors that could determine the level of satisfaction. As asked if the majority of the individual in a group are teenagers, we should include activities like hiking, campfire, music, and dance the kind of activities that every individual could participate in.  If done in such a way the level of satisfaction among all the participants rises, increasing the credibility of the camp counselor. It is always a good move to know the customer before we put out the product.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Further this question is very important as well in case of camp counselor interview questions.

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3. What kind of responsibilities does the position of a camp counselor hold?

Answer: Becoming a camp counselor comes with a list of various responsibilities. One must be able to balance several different responsibilities at once if one is to become a camp counselor.

Supervision of camp activities;

A camp counselor is entrusted with handling the responsibility of the supervision of the whole camp. He/she should be capable of taking over such a task and execute it on the best level possible.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Guiding/Mentoring teenagers and kids;

The majority of campers would consist of teenagers and kids. A camp counselor is responsible for the whole group. The parents and seniors all intrust the camp counselors with their children which in itself is a huge responsibility held by the position. In addition to that, one must be able to mentor these young individuals as the camp counselor is the head of the group.

Plan and schedule camping trips and activities;

The most basic responsibility of a camp counselor if to be able to plan and organize camping trips. Where, How, When are the types of questions a camp counselor should be able to answer when planning and organizing a camping trip or any other outdoor activities.

No flexible hours;

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As mentioned before becoming a camp counselor is a job that requires a high level of interest and enthusiasm. This is because camp counselors are required to be at their utmost focus even after hours as they carry the responsibility of the people and the equipment used during camping. Therefore, nights and weekends are out of bounds for a camp counselor.

Knowledge and experience on various outdoor activities;

Any camp counselor is expected to have experience in various outdoor activities such as swimming, climbing, running, and other various outdoor games because it is the camp counselor’s responsibility to execute any activities within the camp.  This makes any activity executed by the counselor to be more informative and safe as well.

4. What are the various risks involved in camping and how would you react to those risks?

Answer: In order to pass the camp counselor interview questions you have to prepare for this question. There are always many risks involved in outdoor activities. The camp counselor should be able to recognize such risks and be able to prevent it or act upon it. Since camping is mostly done in outdoor areas the various risks that come with it are:

  • Insect bites

The most common risk one is exposed to during camping is insect bites. These bites can be fatal if not recognized properly especially with children. Therefore, to be able to prevent such happenings we should all urge the campers to put on insect repellents so that all of us are safe and enjoy the camp as it was supposed to be enjoyed.

  • Accidents/sickness

Camping is all about outdoor activities, games, bonding. And where there are games, small/big accidents are bound to take place. A camp counselor should try to use safe methods to prevent any such accidents but in case of emergencies, a first aid kid should always be available and fully stocked for every camping trip. He/she should have experience in basic first aid protocols in case of any serious accidents or illness during the activities.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions
  • Lost participant

It’s easy to lose track and get lost during outdoor activities especially when it involves children.  This is a serious issue because the camp counselor is responsible for each and every participant in the camp. Therefore, attendance should be taken again and again to make sure all the participants are together and are safe.

  • Fire Hazards

Night camps without fire are like stars without its shine. Although fires can be magical it holds a lot of danger if not handled properly.  The fire should be properly built and only by an expert.  This is not only for the safety of the people around but also for the safety of the environment. It is necessary to keep a safe distance from the fire as well.  Such rules should be dictated to the campers beforehand.

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5. Do you have the skills and motivation to become a successful camp counselor?

Answer: This question requires one to answer with previous experiences that relate directly or indirectly with the position of a camp counselor.

Since the very beginning, I have been captivated by the thoughts of living and sharing experiences. I always visualize myself making a living out of this. With the given responsibilities that come with this job, many people would have second thoughts about accepting such a field but for me this very responsibility feels exciting, being around people, being disciplined and yet having fun, creating memories and experiences, this is the whole package that I would love to take on and create the best out of it.

  • For candidates holding previous experience in similar fields

My previous experiences show my passion and devotion to the job. I have the skills and experience to be able to handle the position of a camp counselor, the skills I possess that could be of importance to these jobs are:

Camp Counselor Interview Questions
  • Medical expertise
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Excellent with kids
  • Safety-conscious
  • Instinctive reactions towards the emergency situation.
  • Punctuality
  • And well disciplined.
  • For candidates holding no previous experiences

I may not have any previous experiences to back up my interest in the job but I can assure you a work of the highest quality. My sheer interest in the field and the amount of knowledge. Further, I have theoretically gained in the last few years are just enough to be able to handle the challenging portions of the position.  In addition to that I have always been regarded as a quick learner and I think that would also be a plus point towards the challenges I might face. I also possess a constant learning attitude which helps us grow as a team and as individuals as well.

6. Imagine you’re stuck on a camping site with 10 other people due to bad weather conditions, you have limited food and water. What would be your call to action?

Answer: This analytical question is very important if you are preparing for camp counselor interview questions. This question can be used to judge one’s survival instincts as this is also one of the major responsibilities a camp counselor must follow.

The 1st rule a camp counselor must follow during such situations is “the safety of our client is the main priority”

1st step would be to keep everyone calm and focused on the situation. These instances are less difficult when we work in a team.  I would gather everyone around in a circle and keep everyone together in a group.

2nd step would be to divide our available resources so that everyone is fed the appropriate amount.  Also, the allocation of resources should be done as we need to keep ourselves hydrated and full of energy.

3rd step would be to plan the way out of the campsite. Call for emergency backup or find a safe place to stay for one more night keeping everyone together and safe.

7. What activities would you recommend and schedule for a 2 day camp for kids aged 8-12 and 13-18?

Answer: This question can be asked for any age group, one should be able to answer accordingly

  • Age 8-12

The kids in this age group should be highly supervised as they have less sense of the world around them. They should be highly monitored and the camp counselor should be on high alert.  With this the activities that this age group would prefer are:


Kids of this age love to express themselves through dancing the way they want to. This age group has less sense of shyness and is more excited when it comes to dancing. This activity would create a moment full of fun and energy for the kids,


These kids would expect a campfire when they come camping. In addition to that, a campfire story session would be more entertaining for the kids of this age group. Captivating and interesting stories would grab their attention and make the camp much friendlier for these kids.

Site seeing

Kids love to look at their surroundings, so a site seeing activity would boost their energy. A stroll around the places of the camp would be more than enough for them to get some fresh air and learn a bit about the environment along the way.

Camp art

Kids love to draw and show their creativity to the people around them. This activity would be the best chance to show their creativity. The drawings would also serve as a memory of the camp for the kids.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions
  • Age 13-18

This age group is much more outgoing and much more into activities. The activities that I would recommend for this age group are:


With the energy in individuals in this age group, musical activities are a must. It’s a way for a group of teenagers to come together and unite as one. Music creates a vibe between these people which will help them remember the camping experience.


These activities are both thrilling and exciting at the same time. Teenagers love such activities where they sense a bit of thrill. These activities would give these teenagers the opportunity to show their skills on the field which is crucial for individuals in this age group.


Any camp would be bland without a camp fire. This is a must need activity for people in every age group with different secondary activity surrounding the campfire. For example, teenagers would sing and strum their guitars around the campfire creating a friendly environment for every participant.

Team building activities.

There are various games one could play to make them understand the importance of a team. I personally consider this a very important activity for teenagers. This not only helps them understand and experience the importance of a team but would also help them come out of their comfort zone.

8. Why do you think leadership and communication skills are two of the most important skills required for a camp counselor?

Answer: The job of a camp counselor asks him/her to be around a new group of people every single day. This group consists of mainly kids and teenagers. A camp counselor must be able to communicate with different individuals of different age groups, which is why communication skills are a must when taking over this job.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

Now, when it comes to being with a different group of individuals on a daily basis, camp counselors are also views as the head of the group. They should be able to create an experience for every participant through various activities and tasks. The camp counselors are the ones the participants look up to during ta camp which is why leadership skills are one of the most important skills a camp counselor must possess.

9. What do you think is the most challenging part of the job? How do you aim to overcome the challenge?

Answer: Almost every part of this job is challenging. It’s more about the level of enthusiasm one is willing to invest in this very job. But in my personal opinion, one of the most challenging parts of this job should be instinctive reactions to emergency situations. 

Emergency situations can occur at any time and at any place. The reason this is challenging is due to the fact that these situations are not pre-planned. These scenarios come in different forms and they come in surprises which force the camp counselor to think under extreme pressure.

Camp Counselor Interview Questions

The best way to overcome such possibilities is to prevent them from happening. But in instances when preventions dot work, camp counselors must have a sharp presence of mind to think within seconds and act on it.  I would observe each and every activity to prevent any ill happenings, and I have the confidence to react to any emergency situations without panicking. This would help me overcome the difficulties I might face from the challenge.

Summing It up,

These were the best and the most asked camp counselor interview questions. There is a great probability that you will get 90% of the above questions in your interviews. Further, read this multiple times before entering the interview room. This will surely help you a lot.

Do not forget to leave your valuable comment in the comment section below. We admire and appreciate each and every comment that you share.

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