Call center interview questions


The call center is a very liked job for youngsters all over the world. This involves and tests your communication skills and the skills to solve problems. Furthermore, In the call center, an extensive amount of calls are taken in order to solve the problems of the customers, sell something, or meet the targets. Therefore if you intend to be a call center representative here are some amazing call center interview questions and answers.

Call center interview questions

Do you have the proper command in the English language?

Answer: For the job in the call center or if you want to work as a customer service representative then it is important to have a command in the English language. Furthermore, you must be wondering why the English language. Since the English language is the globally speaking language. Therefore, in order to deal with clients all over the world. You should know how to speak the English language fluently and you should have a command over it as well. Furthermore, in the context of the interview, this call center interview questions and answers will surely be asked.

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By the English language, it is not only about English speaking. You should have good command and fluency in the local language that is spoken in a particular state and the country that you live in. Therefore, if you have a good command of the language speaking globally and language that is spoken locally where you live in. Then it will increase your chances of being recruited by 60%.

call center interview questions

Therefore, while answering this question you must be confident and say that yes I have the good command over the language and I can speak it fluently with the global clients. Along with the English language I have good fluency in speaking the local language as well.


If you are trying to get a job in the call center then you should have a proper command of the English language. Since it is the globally speaking language and you will get the calls for every part of the world. Hence this language will help you to get along and further help in your job.

Can you meet the targets and sell as per the requirement of companies?

Answer: This is a very important call center interview questions and answers. Targets are the most important aspects of the call center companies. Because of the good sales, their company grows three folds and similarly you can get the salary as well. Another thing is that the call center has a high pay scale as well as compared to other mid-level businesses. If you can meet the targets easily and fast you can earn a good commission as well. Hence, the question of meeting the sales targets are asked compulsorily by almost all the call center companies for the job of a customer service representative.

call center interview questions

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Therefore, while answering this question you must make sure that and make the interviewer believe that you can actually meet the sales targets. Further while answering this you should say I will try my best in order to meet the sales targets and sales requirements of the company. I have previous experiences as well in seeling which will surely help me in this job. I will try my best to stand on the expectation of the company.


It is very important to meet the sales requirement for the company. Since every company does its business to earn revenues. Hence, if you the one candidate that will help the company to meet its goals and sales targets. Then it will be helpful for your growth both in the personal and professional aspects.

Can you manage the stress of working in the night shift?

Answer: If we discuss the call center interview questions and answers this will help you a lot to get along and get through your interviews. Being a call center representative you have to work on the night shift. Since call centers are open 24*7. Therefore, you have to keep working and keep going on. Hence, Being a call center employee you must have to work in ith night and day shifts. Working in the day shift is somehow okay.

But working in the night shifts can be painful and you can be stressed working at night. Since it can distort the regular life pattern that you used to do. Therefore, managing this situation is and get away from stress is very necessary.

In order to answer his question, you can say that in order to manage the stressful situations in the night shifts; I do the following;

call center interview questions
  1. Regular physical exercise in order to make myself physically fit.
  2. Practicing yoga and mediation for mental health and peace.
  3. Always keeping my self positive. Being optimistic in every way possible.
  4. Having and eating healthy foods. Following a healthy diet and eating habits.
  5. Controlling the level of aggression. In short practicing anger management techniques.
  6. Listening to light music to reduce stress and for peace of mind.


Working in a night shift has a lot of things to do with the stress. It is not an easy job to work in the night shift. Hence, you have to practice the art on how to manage work stress. As if you cannot manage it. There are most of the chances that it would cause a serious impact on your health.

Do you have previous experience as the call center representative?

Answer: Experience is always for your rescue in any situation you are. Not matter how qualified and high education degree you have. If you do not have experience than your value is nothing or very less. But if you have a basic undergraduate degree but you have worked for many yours in a particular and related field then your value is a lot in this competitive environment. Similarly, If you are preparing for a call center job then here are the best call center interview questions and answers that will help you.

call center interview questions

Therefore, if you have previous working experience than it is almost sure that you will get the job that you desire for. It is just that you have to showcase all your experiences, talents, and skills that you have mastered in the years of working experiences. Until and unless you tell the employer what you can give to them they won’t know. So you must disclose everything at the time of the interview and impress the interviewer.

In order to answer this question, you have to say that I have the following number of year’s experience as a customer service representative in the XYZ company. So because of my experience, I can handle the clients more other than the freshers do.


Every organization whether it is small, mid-sized, or big seeks for the candidates who are experienced. Further, experienced candidates aids in the growth of the organization in all the parts. Further the growth of the organization leads to the growth of the employees as well. There is a direct relationship between the experience and the growth of the company. Furthermore, If you have previous work experience as the call center representative then it will help you to get a job that you always wish for.

How will you handle the rude customer on the phone?

Answer: Customers are not always polite and sweet that you will face on the phone while dealing with them. Some of them will be sweet and polite but, on the other hand, they can be rude opposing your expectation. In such a case you must have full control over yourself and don’t leave your cool at any time. You must take with them with a lot of care and try to solve their problems. Once you will try and understand their point of view with a lot of care then they will also go hand in hand with you.

call center interview questions and answers

Since they call you to get the solutions for particular problems. Moreover, you are there for them and to solve their problems and take care of them. So, you are known as the customer service representative. Therefore, you must learn the art of politeness and satisfy the customers.

Therefore, in order to answers this question you can say that I will try to convince the customer and be polite with them. Furthermore, I will not get irritated and help them out well.


There are probable chances that you will face the rude customers in the phone calls that you will receive. You cannot just do “Tit for Tat” as the customers do. You have to handle the customers with a lot of care. IF you also become rude with the customers then it would create the chances of chaos and ultimately be the black mark of the company. So, you have to handle the customers as you care for them and you are there to help them. Similarly, you have to satisfy the customers in all the aspects and help them in every way possible.

Call center interview questions and answers

Tell me something about your educational qualifications?

Answers: Education is important in any stream to get a job. Education makes you completer and increases your thinking capabilities. Furthermore, it enhances and gives a boost to your intellectual capabilities. Similarly, If you have a sting qualification, for instance, an undergraduate degree or post-graduation degree.

Then this will ultimately help you to get over your interview and impress your employer or interviewer. Similarly, The education along with the strong academic scores is an icing to the cake as well. Therefore, it is also necessary to score good marks in your academics. As it reflects your intellectual and how talented you are. Here are the best call center interview questions and answers.

call center interview questions

In order to answer this question and talk about every educational qualification degree that you own. Further, you can also discuss your marks or GPA that you got if you have the strong academic scores. It not you can just ignore it and let it go. Furthermore, your academic score will be a matter of issue for an employer only if you are a fresher. If you are experienced then it will not matter much.


Education is important in every aspect of life. It makes a person complete and further aid in the growth in all directions. Similarly, If you want a good job and in a higher position then you have to have experience in a particular job. The strong educational background backed by the experiences acts as the icing to the cake which will get you the job.

Tell me something about your strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: This question that the interviewer asks you about what are your strengths and weaknesses is to determine your true capabilities and potential. Furthermore, It is also important to check if you can work and give your one hundred percent in the pressure environment. In other words, can you handle the pressure or not. Similarly, In order to handle the pressure and work in tight deadlines. Your strengths and weaknesses help you and come to the rescue.

Moreover, while answering this type of question in the interview. You must first analyze the situations that you are in. What the interviewer is actually expecting from you to answer. You should point out the skills and weaknesses on the basis of what is required by the position that you want to work for. Similarly, If you answer some which are not somewhere around the expectation of the interviewer. Then there are the chances that it would backfire you and you can be in critical situations. Therefore, “Think”, “Analyze” and “Answer”. If you follow these rules. You will certainly impress the interviewer and get through.

While answering these questions you can mention the following strength and weaknesses in your interview.

Call center interview questions

What are your greatest strengths?

  1. Good interpersonal as well as communication skills.
  2. Appropriate leadership skills.
  3. Works in a team or a team player.
  4. Honest and patient.
  5. Flexibility and entusiactic.
  6. Determined and focused.
  7. Ability to stand for the mistakes that are committed

What are your greatest weaknesses?

  1. Cannot say “No”
  2. Sometimes lacks a bit of confidence while talking.
  3. Feels uncomfortable while asking certain questions to the seniors.
  4. Critical and sometimes very emotional.


Strengths and weaknesses are those that will help the organization will grow. The strength of a particular will work as a boon for the company whereas the weakness acts as a thing that can particularly create a lag for the company. Therefore, the employer is very curious in order to find out what are your strength and weakness.

What do you expect from yourself in the long run?

Answer: Questions like “What are your goal in the next 5 years” or “What is your goal in the next 10 years”. This question is a very important question. Therefore, this keeps you in the spotlight. These questions define your passion and your expectation from life. Similarly, If you have long term goals and you want to take something from life. Further, enhance your career both personally and professionally.

Call center interview questions

Therefore, while answering this question this must reflect what you want to achieve in your life and take your career graph upwards. You must answer this question in a very easy way. The people with passion have an adrenaline rush and they try to work hard. Since hard work helps to achieve everything that you want in life. There is no option for hard work. If you want to achieve something you have to give your everything as hard work has no other substitute.


It is very important to expect something high from yourself. If you cannot expect from yourself then what will you expect from others? Therefore, While doing anything you must always think that what you will expect from yourself 5 years or 10 years down the line. Therefore, you must have a long term goal. What you want to achieve in your life will help you to get success in life and further higher in the future.

What do you expect from this job?

Answer: While applying to one job. There is always a purpose of applying. Furthermore, you will have expectations from the company you are working in. This question will judge where you are expecting very high from the company. Since sometimes the high expectations might lead to failures and make you kneel down.

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Therefore, it is always necessary to keep yourself grounded and not to expect so much from the job. Since it is just a job you are not going to be with one company forever. You will surely switch the job if you get some improvement or if you see your growth. Furthermore, if you have to answer this question you have to be specific.

Call center interview questions

Furthermore, In order to answer these questions. The following can be your job expectations;

  1. Personal and professional growth.
  2. High-security job and personal care.
  3. Proper supervision.
  4. Benefits such as medical insurance.


You expect a lot of things before joining a particular job. Further, you leave your previous job or the job that you are doing has become of your expectations. Therefore, It is of the great fact that your employers want to know from you that what you expect from them and their company. You should say the above-mentioned point and discuss it with them in detail which will further help you in your selection.

Summing it up,

In conclusion, these questions will help you to cark your call center interview. For this, you have read these and practice the questions multiple times.

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