Banking Interview Questions And Answers


Banking is the most and the rapidly growing sector in this competitive corporate world. Along with the growth in the banking sectors. Most of the job seekers and newly graduates dream of having a job in the bank and work with the top banks. So, In order to help you and get one step close to your dreams here are the most asked banking interview questions and answers. Read well this will surely aid you to a higher extent.

Banking interview questions and answers video

Why did you choose this bank among others?

Answer: This is the initial and the most important banking interview questions and answers. That the banking associate will ask you. A bank is always in competition with other banks. The reason for the success of the bank depends on the policies, offers, efficiency, and customer reliability. Thus, you are being viewed as a customer who chose this bank.

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It is evident that the interviewer knows that you have not chosen this bank at random. So you have to make sure that you are able to have background information regarding the bank and its various features. Also, you must make sure that you have checked out some of the other banks and compared the features. This question is a trick question that is trying to find out why you have left the former job or what positive qualities the bank has in comparison to others.

It is important to answer this question wisely where you highlight the positive aspects of the bank. Similarly, also make sure that the answers do not give a wrong intention like you left the former job due to some conflicts or lack of interest.

banking interview questions and answers

The answers should also reflect some interest in bank strategies and policies. For which you must already have some idea and research background on the bank. But make sure that you do not include backbiting of other banks in the name of comparison. They may want to make their bank better but they also might not like the fact that you speak badly about others. As there is a risk for them that you would do the same in case you get rejected. So, these questions will help you to answers the banking interview questions and answers.


By these questions, the interviewer wants to know the main reason behind choosing that bank. Since there are a lot of other banks as well. Therefore, you should answer it in a proper way.

Why should the bank hire you as a suitable manager?

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Answer: The bank will want their manager to be highly efficient in work and be well able to maintain the esteem of the bank. For them, the bank manager is the actual identity and thus they require you to be readily acceptable. To convince them you must also make yourself well presented to support this answer which will be a plus point for you.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

The interviewer here wants to know about the qualities you possess and in this you need to highlight some honest qualities about yourself. It is important that the positive qualities like leadership, determination, multi-tasking, communication skills, etc. Which are highlighted but do not exaggerate in any way of the qualities you do not really have!. Further, these questions will help you to answers the banking interview questions and answers and help you for good.

Maybe you can also give some of your weak points in the end and let them know that you are working to manage the weaknesses so far. Do not sound like you are boasting about your qualities. But you have to answer as humbly as possible to this answer. Similarly, this will help the interviewer to know that as a manager you can also maintain your personal humbleness. Also, it is important to emphasize your experience in this and mention your qualifications.


In this question, you must explain in detail how different you are as compared to the other competitors out there.

How will you handle a situation of conflict with the customer?

Answer: There are certainly going to be times when a conflict situation arises during the time of management. The bank has situations where the customer is dissatisfied with the service or some behavior of the staff. During this time, it is natural that the staff and the customer turn towards the management. The manager will have to deal with the irate customer.

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Banking Interview Questions And Answers

Similarly, customer handling should be good by a manager due to which the bank will run smoothly and there will be positive feedbacks. The bank manager’s ability to communicate with the customer is being explored while this question is put. Similarly, The aim of this question is to know if you have any anger issues or could remain calm. You can refer to some examples from a previous job in this situation. As per the reports discussed in the management by our associates, It is found that about 80% of the banks ask these questions as the banking interview questions and answers.

Also, you can give some examples of how you convince a customer and be able to deal with the irate customer. Moreover, like telling them that you will calm down the customer first and then try to listen to the problem. If required, you will also include some staff or help to aid you with the dealings. You will also have to make sure that you let them know that you will remain to stick with the bank policies. And will not disrespect the customer by giving only your opinions.


While working in a particular bank there are the probable chances that there will arise the situations of conflict in the situation that you work in. Hence you must have a particular situation to handle the situation smartly. So that the condition did not go out of hand.

How do you manage the staffs?

Answer: It is extremely important in a bank to maintain collaboration with each other. Any gaps in the coordination may lead to a huge disadvantage to the bank itself. To manage the staff’s good relations and decentralization of the work should be effectively managed. The questions aim to explore the ability of management and you can ace this by giving your insights on teamwork and management. Therefore, You can give some examples. On how you will be able to deal with the staff with inappropriate behavior or rewarding a deserving staff.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

It should reflect your ability to keep the staff motivated as well. Similarly, You must not fail to mention that you will always be there to support the staff and keep them motivated. The negative behaviors like dictatorship will not be appropriate to be a bank manager. If you want to maintain integrity in the bank. It is vital that you make them know there would not be favoritism from you and the management skills you posses will be beneficial to the bank.

So, you can also additionally tell them some of the negative aspects like self-decision making, dictatorship qualities that you think should not be in the bank while managing. This will certainly help you by letting the interviewer know you weigh the pros and cons equally.


While working in a particular bank you must learn the art of managing the staff. Since there will be a lot of staffs you must know how to handle them properly.

How will you lead the bank to betterment?

Answer: The bank managers are a job that carries high responsibility of making the bank flourish better than the other. There is a constant competition to maintain the prestige and stand out with services. It depends on the manager of how effectively the management will be done to make the bank best among the others.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

Your skills and strengths are the major answer linked with this question. Make sure you answer this with the strengths combined with the leadership capacity. It is necessary that you to highlight leadership skills. By giving certain references to situations of personal and previous job experience regarding leading the bank. You can answer this with examples that may be. I had worked in XYZ Bank where there were more than ABC number of the staff.

And I had to manage and take the decisions, they were helpful to bring out customers and uplift the bank esteem. You will have to also tell them a bit about some significant changes. That you had brought in your former experiences that were fruitful for the bank. If you have any history of getting promotion formerly should also not be missed!


In order to lead a bank for betterment, you can bring in more clients to open a bank account with the bank that you are working with.

Banking Questions For Interview

How will you deal with a confused customer?

Answer: Customers are the main assets of the Bank. Without the customers the bank will not be of any value. So it lies in the top priority that the customers are well treated. And they will be able to obtain the maximum of the services offered by the bank. The Implications of this question suggest the fact about how compatible you with the fact are that you are aware to keep in mind about the customer’s satisfaction. If we talk about the banking questions for interview you will surely have to face this one.

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Banking Interview Questions And Answers

The interviewer would want to know about your skill to tactfully handle a customer who is curious to know about the bank but is equally confused with the various policies, bank procedures, etc. It is significant to be able to keep the customer updated as well as clear about how they can take the optimum benefits from the bank.

The confused customer is expected in every bank and you must tackle them with patience and respect. Your empathetic nature will be the key to deal with such customers. And you need to respect their confusion as well. You need to convince the interviewer that you can handle the customer by repeating the same information. That too with patience without being irritated in a way that can be understood by the customer.

You should be able to take the questions from the customer as the bank manager with patience and also be able to address the necessary questions. That will be able to convince the customer about the advantage of the bank. For this, you will have to know about the kind of confusion a customer might have. And while answering the interview you can also refer to some examples of the variety of confusion.


In order to deal with the circumstances of a customer being confused. You will have to handle them with a lot of care and patience. Such that all their problems are resolved.

What qualities make you efficient technically?

Answer: Soft skills are extremely important qualities for a manager in a bank. As a manager, it is not only the management skills on the staff and the human resource that is required for good banking management. You should be able to convince the interviewer that you know the basics of technical management and computer skills like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, etc. So, you should be prepared to have some computer and soft skills when you need them. If you are preparing for the banking interviews then this is sure to come as one of the banking questions for interview.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

Also, the management of the finance section should include your good knowledge of accounts as well. Money management is one of the most tedious work and there are always errors popping up at any moment. As a manager, you will be expected to give a solution ranging from trivial to bit advanced technical errors. That arises and you have to assure that you can deal with most of the technical problems unless it requires very advanced intervention.

You can say that you have the needed basic skills and in addition. If you have attended any technical pieces of training regarding a specific area of soft skill then do not miss out on it. Overall, the question should be able to reflect your interest in keeping in check the technical problems that may arise along with the management of financial errors.


The soft skills that you have to make you technically efficient. You should be able to convince the interviewer that you know the basics of technical management and computer skills like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, etc.

Will you be able to tackle the situation where your decisions do not match with others?

Answer: Decision making is a process that happens every time. You may have to face circumstances of immediate decisions, long term decision makings, and self-decision making. Here your versatility to accommodate in any kind of decision making should be reflected.

Your quality of being independently able to make some decisions is focused but also while answering it must not be biased between taking selfish decisions. You should be able to tell them that you will use a bottom-top approach to take decisions with respect to all the staff and concerned people. The examples of yourself where you took decisions with respect to the united agreement of the team. The decisions made solely regarding a certain issue that was confidential, etc should be referred to while you explain the answers. They will judge you based on the number of situations that you are able to deal with while decision making.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

While answering however you must not lie if you have some weakness while deciding or have trouble in making a concrete decision. So, if any former experience in dealing with taking a decision. That has occurred you need to mention those as well. And let them know how you have today come to find a solution to take the decision.


You can tackle such situations by knowing the exact pros and cons of decisions. Similarly, you must first analyze the decisions from all aspects and take the final action. Further, a detailed discussion can be useful in such situations as well.

What will you do when you need a leave?

Answer: There are times when personal needs and requirements may arise and there is a need to take some leave days from the office. While at work, there should be a commitment to the bank and work. As much as possible the bank management should include the constancy at work and towards the members. These questions will surely be asked as the banking interview questions and answers.

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Banking Interview Questions And Answers

The answer in this case should be honest. It is not a surprise that at some time leave will be required. They are trying to check your commitment towards the work and your skills to manage the work while in absence.

You have to focus on the fact that you answer honestly that you will be committed to being available as much as possible. But in case of need to leave your works it will be delegated. Similarly, and you will manage to keep the bank going properly by making some pre-plans before leaving, by involving staff in your absence.

You can give the following points to let them know about how you will manage the leave.

  • By replacing your part of activities to staff temporarily
  • Similarly, By informing former to all the staffs and concerned authority with a valid reason
  • Moreover, By managing the task completion that is required to be completed that day formerly.


In case of leave, you have to take the approval from your immediate seniors. Once they approve it then only it will be possible to take a leave. Before taking the leave handover your works to your team members so that there will be no problem in the smooth operation of services in your absence.

What management strategies will you use during an emergency?

Answer: An emergency may arise anytime unknown to the bank manager. During this time, it is important to maintain the quality of maintaining calmness and take hold of the situation. In times of emergencies, if the main manager panics there may be situations. Where the other employees may also panic leading to chaos and unnecessary distractions. This is most asked banking questions in interview.

Banking Interview Questions And Answers

The circumstances of emergencies arise during the time of financial management, staff management, technical management, health disasters, natural calamities, etc.

This is a unique question that is not often asked but you should be prepared with the answer that explores your long-term vision. Emergencies are unpredicted and most people forget to plan them during strategy formulation of work. You need to give the answer that would show that you are capable to think and be formerly prepared for unprecedented times in the bank.

It will be more helpful if you can give certain examples that will portray different emergency situations. Such situations are; natural calamity emergencies, health emergencies, staff emergencies, etc. This way of convincing them of your determination and preparedness will help you to excel in the question.


In case of an emergency situation you must handle the situation with your senses. So, the situation does not become worse in any situation. Further, try to handle the situation in a well-mannered way.

Summing in up,

These banking questions and answers for interview will surely be asked in the interview. So, you must be sure that you prepare well for the interviews. Since banking is a high-level job that everyone wishes for. If you prepare well. Your wishes will surely come true. Good luck!

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